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Day 34- Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real


My friend Sonja sewed her own skirt! Go check her blog to see how pretty she and the skirt are!

I would say that she qualifies for Happy, Funny, and Real as well! She's so silly!


That my girl is liking first grade so far! (It’s been two days, so what’s not to like?)


Adam says: “Knock, knock”

You: “Who’s there?

Adam: “Moose.”

You: “Moose who?”

Adam: “Mu shu chicken, you like?”

(My Dad taught him that one.)


I don’t know if I want the “crazy-purge-and-organize” bug to stay or go. Part of me likes this bug. This one’s been sticking around for a change. And yet, it’s causing me to do things like this:

It's 9pm. I'm watching a movie and I'm organizing the family's shoes.

Is this normal?

This movie was willy scawy. Perhaps I was just trying to keep busy while sharks were plucking people out of the water who were stranded in the middle of the ocean. Eeek! Worst fear!

The same dress I wore camping a few weeks ago.

Have a wonderful day! Stay away from the North Queensland (Australian) coast!

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Day 33- A Vision of Domesticity

Today was my eldest daughter’s first day of school. She’s in the first grade which means that she’ll be away from home for longer than she’s ever been before. 😦 I miss my girl. I don’t tell her about this stuff though because I only want her to be excited and happy for school of course. No need to turn my daughter into my personal therapist! lol

Anyways, once we got home I asked the other two if they wanted to make some chocolate chip cookies for Sissy. Of course they did (especially because they know they’ll get some!) So we spent our morning together measuring and dolloping out dough and licking the batter spoons.

My vision is that I want my girl to have cookies and milk when she comes home from school today.

Is that silly? Some sort of throwback thing, like I’m trying to recapture something of a home life that I wish I’d had?


But perhaps not. In everything I do, I want to communicate to my children that they are important to me. I want to create a rich home life for them. I didn’t grow up in a bad home or anything, just more of a latch-key, divorced parents, back and forth to different houses, existence. (It definitely made me independent!) The years I enjoyed most were those when my father had a telecommuting position. He was bored as heck at home, but I loved having someone to come home to (even though I was much older at the time and at an age when I was “supposed” to start hating my parents.)

If you didn’t get a vision of domestic happiness from your own family, where did it come from? A friend’s family? A book? A television show? Or movie? Or now, perhaps people can find it in blogs.

A vision is powerful because it enables us to move toward something positive. And positive change doesn’t always feel good! (I’ll write a post about that another day.) But the vision feels good, and we know that if we keep moving toward that vision we can accomplish something really great. So even though I didn’t grow up in the exact type of household I’m creating for myself and my family, I’ve had a vision of it for a very long time. You know where my vision came from? Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle.

I still have my copy! I enjoy reading these stories to the kids.

Ha ha ha ha! Yes, I just said Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle! The classic little book full of stories of naughty children with bad habits whose parents turn to Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle for a cure. I came upon this book in the third grade and loved the stories and read them often, even sometimes when I was a bit too old for it. Mrs. Carmody, Mrs. Foxglove, Mrs. Quadrangle, and more, all loving traditional mothers who care for their families, take care of their homes, and work hard to get their kids back on track. These stories provided a vision of a happy functioning family life.

Mrs. Foxglove watches over Melody "The Crybaby"

In one story The Slowpoke, Mrs. Quadrangle made little Harbin an applesauce cake for when he came home from school. In The Bully, Mrs. Semicolon fixed Nicky some sugar cookies. In the Whisperer, Mrs. Crackle had some tea and chocolate cake for the girls.

And today, my Francesca got cookies and milk.

Here I am about to leave to pick her up!

Have a wonderful day!


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Day 32- Housekeeping advice from all corners

Flylady says:

You can’t clean clutter

Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family

Set your timer for 15 minutes

Hotspots make our homes look messy.

Get dressed [to shoes.]

Don Aslett says to picture how nice the room is going to look once you’re done.

Julie Morgenstern says to organize things like a kindergarten classroom.

Similarly, Deniece Schofield says to organize items at the point of “first use”.

The Housefairy says that to clean a room you start in one corner and work your way around.

Jennifer says that her attitude changed on housework when she started seeing it as participating in God’s work. The work of creating order out of chaos.

Leila says you just have to grow up and realize that you need to schedule one hour for cleaning every day.


Can you guess what I was up to today?

I absolutely adore this skirt. It is THE MOST COMFORTABLE THING TO WEAR EVER.

Well now here you can actually see it.

Lots of sweaty housework. It took all day, but it’s done and I feel great.

Are there any housecleaning bits of advice you keep in your head?

Have a wonderful day!

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Day 31- End of the Month Hodge Podge

A widdle puppy in a basket at park day! Awwww…

Well what a lovely little barn and horse stable the kids made 🙂

And a garage for airplanes

Adam seized the camera and got an early-morning picture with me. (I was sitting in the front drinking my coffee.)

He got a pic of his sissies too.


A little bit of crazy hair.

Like Mother

Like Daughter

 Have a wonderful day!

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Day 30- Something Simple

Something simple for Sunday

Have a wonderful day!

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Day 29- “You can do Anything!”…But really we’ve been convinced we can do nothing.

WARNING! Small bitterness rant ahead 😛 I know some of you out there are very skilled in the home-arts, and this will mean nothing to you!

My neighbor across the street moved, so the other day I drove to her new city to see the new home and visit. While there, she showed me how her friend taught her to make feta cheese. “It’s really easy!” she says. “You just boil milk and…” blah blah I can’t remember the specifics but I do remember that it was like three super easy steps. Of course I’m all surprised and sitting there dumbfounded, “Cheese? You MADE your own cheese!?”

Feta cheese. Put that into the growing list of Things I Thought were Completely Impossible to Make Unless You Had Like Tons of Uninterrupted Time, Massive Arm Strength, and Vast Skill.

Over the years I have been completely shocked at how easy it is to make things that I swore were Homemaking Rocket Science.

Strawberry Jam– Is not hard

Bread– Is not hard

Sourdough Bread- Is not hard

Roasting a Chicken– Is not hard

Pie crust– Is not hard

Crocheting– Is not hard

Apparently, Yogurt (though I haven’t tried yet)- Is not hard

Popcorn– Is not hard

What the heck else do I believe in my head is so impossibly hard, that turns out is pretty basic if you’re just shown a few steps?

“Girls of the world, You can do ANYTHING a man can do!!! You can be a doctor or engineer or firefighter or combat warrior! But don’t even think of doing the things that women can do, because those things have become TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE! No! no! Too hard! You can’t possibly make your own bread, or cheese, or yogurt, or can vegetables, or sew, or knit, or make a PIE with homemade crust! What are you like Martha Stewart or something? Some sort of homemaking fanatical wizard!?”

A woman can get a bachelor’s degree and that’s hard, but it’s “do-able” hard. Making bread? No! Toooo hard! Knit a sweater? NO WAY! (I’m totally the kind of person who falls all over herself when I see my friends’ knitting projects.)

Girls, we really can do Anything!

Including…the things that women have always done.

Have a wonderful day!


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Day 28- 7 Quick Takes Friday

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1. I must confess that writing this post today isn’t easy.

2. I’m tired, and emotional.

3. My daughter got sick on Sunday and is still working through it and I worry if it doesn’t pass soon, it’ll turn into something more serious.

4. I’ve already taken her to the doctor and gotten some remedies, but they aren’t fully working yet.

5. Right now Jason’s upstairs with her and I can hear her crying and resisting his help.

6. You may think “Well, just go up there then!” but to be honest, I need a bit of a break.

7. So I’m letting him deal with it for now.

Jason tries to make her feel better in the waiting room

This is a year of skirt wearing though, so I can’t leave you hanging on a skirt post. Here’s my outfit from yesterday.

I hope your kiddos are nice and healthy, and I hope you have a wonderful day with them.

See you tomorrow!

UPDATE: Her treatment this morning worked! So she is finally feeling better and I’m sooooo glad!


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