A Year in Skirts- Day 1

Hello everyone! (Or right now no one since this is my first post and I haven’t told anyone I started this.) My name is Jamie and I am setting out to chronicle a year of skirt-wearing. As a pants/shorts-only type of gal I’ve become more and more interested in the topic of feminine dress over the years and more importantly (to me anyway) is why I have never felt particularly comfortable in feminine attire? What has been instilled in me for all of these years, that to dress in a clearly feminine fashion makes me feel well…weird?

Reading others’ blogs has been a big factor in my interest and knowledge of this subject. I’ve been especially inspired by Tiffany at True Femininity, Tricia over at Tricia’s Take (her wardrobe is much nicer than mine ever will be but I appreciate her unabashed girly-ness), and The Challenge over at Feelin’ Feminine.

A few other things about me: I am a protestant Christian (Lutheran to be exact), but not a super-educated one. You probably won’t find me quoting scripture much. My desire to dress femininely somewhat comes from my belief that the Bible encourages it, but also to discover a side of myself that I’ve never allowed myself to tap into.  I am 32 years old and have three children ages 6, 4, and 2.

This may seem silly but I also feel that time is tick-tocking away. I know I am a beautiful woman in the eyes of God and my loved ones, and yet much of the time I feel downright plain and maybe even frumpy. I am worried I will spend the rest of my life in pants and shorts wondering why I never feel beautiful, and I will have spent my youthful life never really enjoying or understanding my natural feminine beauty. Also, this is a type of beauty I feel I can realistically OBTAIN. I don’t want to do anything artificial to myself for beauty. I don’t want to change my haircolor, tan, work out excessively, keep up a mani-pedi regimen, or do any of the thousand other things women are encouraged to do. I plan on doing what I’ve always done which is to take care of my body/spirit and pluck my eyebrows and shave my legs! (And I don’t think women should even feel they HAVE to do those things either.)

But I’m trying skirts, and dresses too.

It should be interesting!

Here was my first day in a skirt last week. I know I don’t look super-fab, but it was a perfect outfit for a day of housecleaning with my little monkeys. My oldest daughter took this for me!


Have a wonderful day!



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8 responses to “A Year in Skirts- Day 1

  1. First I wanted to thank you for your sweet reply to my sad little comment on LMLD! I popped over for PHFR but kept reading. I love the “year in skirts” idea! I have always liked wearing skirts, I think because my mother dressed me in brown cords all the time in the 70’s, lol. I’ll be following.

  2. Christena

    Hi, Jaime. I linked over from LMLD. What a neat idea for a blog! I am different from you in that I have always preferred skirts and dresses & dressing/feeling feminine; although I am a Christian, this really doesn’t influence that preference at all. However, I have always been a little jealous when I see pictures of girls like you. You have a beautiful, natural, confident look, no matter what you wear. I feel like I need a lot of “doctoring up” to look presentable and I look totally frumpy in jeans & a t-shirt. 🙂 Good luck in your pursuit and I will be checking back regularly!

  3. Dwayne Coleman, Jr.

    Jamie, I’m proud of you for the steps you’ve taken in your journey in feminine dress. I’m a Catholic convert who has always preferred to see females in skirts and dresses(despite being the son of a pants-wearing mother). That you’re doing the right thing is backed up by Dt. 22:5.

  4. kristi

    Hi Jamie, I too found you through LMLD. So glad to see your blog and your foray into more feminine dressing. I used to be a fairly girly-girl but w/ 2 little kids I am more often frumpy myself 😦 and also trying to become more feminine w/o anything high-maintenance. Usually I’d rather just read a book (or blog) than get pretty but that’s kind of selfish! So thanks for the encouragement!

  5. I started my skirt journey back in January and it is a change but it’s been positive. Some things have been annoying [it’s hard finding modest options when did ‘dresses’ get so short?!] but I love it. DH loves it too. I also take 5 minutes to dress like a girl and it’s been nice. I loved dresses as a kid don’t know why I got out of it at 12-13.

  6. how interesting! Good for you for making a change like that. I find skirts way comfier in the summer, but I’m going to try a little harder to put on tights with my skirts this winter. I just bought some wool the other day for a winter skirt. I love how I feel in a skirt or dress.

  7. Very cool! I love all your reasons.

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