Day 2- Thrift Store Finds

Today I wore a little brown dress. The hubs took the picture this time 🙂

The big ka-zow part of this was that I actually did my my hair in a sort-of interesting way.

I parted my hair on the side and twisted both sides until it came together to make a ponytail.  I only pulled the hair half-way through the ponytail though, and used some clips and a few bobby-pins to make it look a bit messy. Just something a bit different for me. I have gotten hair ideas from Cute Girls Hairstyles and Princess Hairstyles. These are mostly helpful for ideas for my daughter, but once in awhile I’ll try something (like this) on myself.

Another ka-zow moment was the fact that I had an hour of free time to peruse my local thrift store by myself. Since I’m going to be wearing skirts more, I wanted to see what I could find. I also wanted to see if I could find any boots because I have never once in my life bought (or worn) a pair of boots. I’m kind of thinking ahead to the colder season. Anyways, it just so happens that I DID find boots (who knew?) and another cute pair of red shoes, two skirts, two sweaters and a jacket. The total was about $20 which is a price-point I’m quite happy with!

Have a wonderful day!



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7 responses to “Day 2- Thrift Store Finds

  1. Cute Dress! I am looking forward to following your journey! Recently, I have become more inclined to wear a skirt as opposed to pants. I realized I like skirts better and they look better than pants on me.

  2. Aw! I like this one a lot. Very cute. 🙂

  3. Anne

    Can I just say that you are adorable, never hide the beauty that is your femininity. Love this adorable summer dress.

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  5. I wore skirts only for over a year, and yes, boots are essential for colder weather! Actually, I found I was warmer with my yoga-pants-under-my-skirts than with just pants in the winter!

    And I love the idea of the housedress. Or any well-made dress—have you seen Lovely!

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