Day 3- A date with my husband to Les Miserables

I love my husband so so so much! He knows I do, though I’m not the type to gush about him on Facebook or anything. But I’ll take this opportunity to gush about him here. We’ve been together for 16 years and he’s still my best friend.

He decided to buy tickets to take me to the final Los Angeles showing of Les Miserables at the Ahmanson Theater. It was a Sunday matinee, and don’t you know it turned out to be the perfect occasion to wear my “new” thrift store boots. So here it is documented in history, that Jamie has worn her first pair of boots.

You may see this and think this is all comes naturally to me, but I assure you it does not! The fact that not only am I wearing boots, but two count ’em, TWO accessories (the white cover up and necklace) is like going the fashion distance for me.

And yes, it is Day 3 of my girly experiment, and it is a bit of fun to inject this element of femininity into my life.

The play was amazing. It isn’t too often that I get to hear so many powerful voices live. The voices and horns from the orchestra hit you with so much force and emotion that it brings goosebumps and tears all at the same time.



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3 responses to “Day 3- A date with my husband to Les Miserables

  1. wholesomewomanhood

    I love the boots! How fun that you got to see Les Miserables!

    ~ Melinda ~

  2. just wondering if my gravatar works

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