Day 4- Housecleaning

I have a feeling my kids are going to be my resident photographers. Here is Monday’s outfit snapped by my cutie 4 year old. This skirt is made of a knit fabric.

Here is the boy’s picture of my hair, which is basically the same style as Day 2 just neater. It stayed in ALL day, which was nice!

Now, a bit of a confession, I didn’t start out wearing this outfit entirely, I actually started out with this shirt, that got THIS STAINED by 10am! Since it was berry smoothie on there, I had to ditch the shirt to stain treat it.

I traded it for the coral colored one in the picture, but don’t you know it had a grease stain on it. I think almost all of my shirts have at least one stain and it is so annoying! Does anyone have a good method for cleaning grease stains when the article of clothing has already been through the washer and dryer? I’m considering the concept of apron-wearing because I’m getting pretty tired of buying shirts that don’t look nice for more than two washes because of the eventual stains. I wonder if anyone wears an apron all day anymore?

Overall today was a really good productive day. I’ve been deep-cleaning my house like mad for the past two weeks. I’m like super-nesting but not pregnant! What’s the deal? Not too sure, but the start of school is just around the corner, so maybe it is my need to get this house de-cluttered before the “year” starts. I don’t know what it is but, it’s got me overhauling closets, de-scumming my shower, and getting stuff out of here right and left. Watch out kids… 😛

Here’s my boy. I like to step on my kids when they’re on the floor, don’t you? What is it about kids loving to be stepped on anyways? They all love it.

Have a wonderful day!



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4 responses to “Day 4- Housecleaning

  1. Corrine

    Hi Jamie, I stumbled across your blog from “Like Mother Like Daughter”. You’ve a great idea here. I love wearing skirts and now my kids no longer ask me why I’m dressed up. Dawn dishwashing liquid will take out grease stains even if the clothing has been dried. My youngest spent most of his early life throwing up and breast milk leaves terrible grease stains. Also aprons rock. I wear one everyday, though I think I’m extra messy. I’d need to change 10x a day if I didn’t.

    • Yes I’ve been using Dawn now! It does help, although it isn’t perfect. But it does minimize things. And yes on the aprons! I’m wearing them much more now too and it helps sooooooo much.

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  3. Deb

    I mix a bottle of half blue Dawn and half hydrogen peroxide. That is what I use for a stain remover. Also, if you’re unsure, don’t dry it in the dryer till you know the stain is gone. Sometimes I’ll treat a stain twice, even though I can’t see it after it is washed, before I dry it. My partner stains his shirts horribly, and if his aunt hadn’t told me about this, I would have spent a ton on replacing shirts.

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