Day 6- Going to Work

A thrift store skirt for $2-$4 can't remember. My FIRST time wearing it even though it's been in my closet for months.

I’m about to head out for work and this is what I’m wearing. What I do is more fun than “work” but I do get paid for it, so it counts. I teach natural childbirth and breastfeeding classes with the Bradley Method two evenings a week. I’ve been teaching for five years and it is such a blessing to work with families as they prepare for their little one’s arrival. It’s also great anxiety medication for me since I actually get to talk to people who want to hear what I have to say. 😛 (The medical community around here is highly interventive and when I hear women talking about the things they are told, I tend to jump out of my skin.) Wearing a skirt while teaching childbirth should be interesting in the next few weeks when I’m demonstrating squatting and other lovely birthing positions. I’ll be wearing a loooong flowy skirt that day I’m sure!

Disclosure moment- today is the first day that I feel a bit odd about wearing a skirt. It has almost been a full week now and I’m definitely feeling out of my comfort-zone. Not because I look bad or anything, in fact I feel quite pretty!, but because I’m missing my ol’ standby blue jeans. But I’m doing this not because I think there is anything inherently wrong about wearing pants, but more to explore the question of why exclusive feminine dress (outside of Sunday) feels wrong?

I feel that our culture has simultaneously suppressed and exploited femininity.

While the culture gets busy with encouraging women to be more socially “man-like” than ever, it comes in and smacks us over the head with exploitative beauty messages that no woman can ever live up to. Here is a great article about not photoshopping yourself out of reality.

So where does this leave most women? Somewhere in a vast landscape she cannot reach nor see. She is not strengthened in her role as a woman, wife, mother, friend… and her beauty is never validated as her own, but rather she go through means of vast manipulation.

I have already deepened and changed my life by fully accepting my role as wife and mother and I WISH I had learned some better homemaking skills to be prepared for this amazing responsibility! Fortunately I have blogs to read to learn from wise women all over the country.

And now, I want to reflect my femininity by expressing that in feminine dress. However, I fully reject society’s female exploitation and objectification (so much so I can barely stand to watch tv anymore because what I see is so often offensive.) As women, we can show our femininity by employing modesty (which can be fashionable modesty like Tiffany and Tricia) and using the cut/color of fabric to flatter (and therefore praise!) our God-given features.

I think I feel weird right now because I’m just not used to expressing my femininity this way. Just like I felt weird when I first stopped working to stay at home with my daughter and wasn’t earning a paycheck anymore.

Have a wonderful day!



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5 responses to “Day 6- Going to Work

  1. I love your project – and it can be so hard to do kids and stay-at-home without the jeans but it is do-able! I would LOVE to know how you like teaching Bradley? I took Bradley lessons when pregnant with our first 11 years ago. The methods and techniques have taken us through FIVE natural births now and I have considered going to take lessons for teaching Bradley classes several times through the years but have always been a nursing Mama when the classes come around! Also (and without disclosing numbers 🙂 have you found it to be a good way to bring extra income into your home without being too intrusive in your family time? Thanks for any input you can give me – I will be following your blog – good luck with it!

  2. Hi Melissa! Thanks for your comment 🙂 I love teaching Bradley classes. I took the teacher training when Francesca was 9 months old. My husband came with me so that he could watch her while I was in class. They welcome nursing babies so you wouldn’t have trouble with that. With five natural births I’m sure you would be a wonderful teacher and it is nice to teach something that has such a direct and meaningful impact on people’s lives. It took about two years of teaching to recover my costs. The main costs were the training itself, any books I had to buy, a laptop, other audio-visual equipment (I teach outside of my home so I had to buy a TV, DVD player etc..), birth videos, and a fetal/pelvic model. Most of these are one-time costs though (until something needs replacing). I still update with new birth videos, or posters or various things, but my out-of-pocket expenses are much lower now. Also, in the first two years you don’t have as many couples taking class, so that is why it takes that long. If you have any other questions just let me know! (And yes I feel that it works VERY well with family time because I can alter my schedule however I want. If I need to teach on a different day, I just schedule my next series for the day that works for me etc…)

  3. Yay Bradley! I think your skirt will be perfect for teaching! I actually prefer to labor in a skirt. Easy to strip off the underthings but still be clothed, etc. I think they even make special labor and delivery clothing—usually skirts or a dress. Not that you need a special outfit for that…. 🙂

  4. Marla

    Just found your blog… love it so far! I would love to do this… maybe I’ll start acquiring more skirts to start wearing them day to day. I also took a Bradley class with my 1st and like Melissa above have considered taking the class to learn to teach. I’m just kind of at a loss as to how/where to teach once I’m official. That class took me through 4 natural childbirths. LOVE the Bradley method!

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