Day 8- The Toys

This is one of the few skirts that I've had for a long time. I wish I had more just like it but in other colors.

Today is toy purging day! This is what I’m up against.

We have a space under our stairs where toys go.

My method for decluttering spaces is to first just pull every single thing out. I don’t worry about sorting it unless it has a super-obvious pile. In general my goal is to get a “clean slate” in the area so that I can vacuum up and start fresh.

My oldest girl has always worn a dress just about every day. And I never dress her! (She won't let me :P)

It seems like most of this stuff ended up having its home upstairs. Especially the stuffed animals, any kitchen toys and dolls. Of course there were a lot of odds and ends that ended up being dumped too. So it goes…

The one toy I’ll always keep are pillows we no longer use. We live in a townhome so the kids don’t have piles of leaves to jump in or trees to climb. The least I can give them are pillows.

Ta da! Satisfaction indeed!

Have a wonderful day!


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