Day 11- Camping!!

This weekend we went on a camping trip to Carpinteria.

Another $8 dress from Kohl's. Exactly the same cut as the one I wore a few days ago.

My dad likes to talk with his hands 🙂

Jason teasing Adam that he's going to throw him into the water when they get to the beach.

We’d never go anywhere if my dad didn’t make these camping reservations. Jason and I never plan very far in advance and to go to any of the really nice family-friendly campsites in So. Cal, you have to reserve spots 6 months in advance. So, Thank You Dad!

Anyways, of course this is the very first time I’ve ever worn a skirt or dress while camping. OF COURSE! I must admit I was doubting following through with my year-long skirt experiment during something like a camping adventure, but it actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be.

First of all, it’s summer, and not too cold. And we are camping in a family-friendly beach location. This isn’t hard-core (especially since you can walk to get a burger or shake if you want to!). My dress and skirt were quite comfortable and with the addition of leggings and a sweater for the chillier times of day, it really was comfortable and easy!

Have a wonderful day!


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