Day 14- Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real {Friends Edition}

Today I’m linking up with one of my very favorite blogs, Like Mother Like Daughter, for their Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real carnival.

Pretty– Friends in Skirts!

Lately whenever I see one of my friends in a skirt or dress I go all paparazzi on them. “Can I take your picture!?” Fortunately I haven’t had anyone turn me down yet!!

The lovely Courtney is expecting baby #4! Here she is with sweetie #3 Beatrice.

Beautiful Lisa! Always cute and well coordinated 🙂

My fashionable and very spunky pal Sonja. She gets extra points for walking to the park instead of driving. Who says you can't be active in a dress?


Have you ever seen a happier boy with his trains??


I snapped this shot today. There's my girl doing her big jump!


Remember Day 8? Yeah, well here’s the toys again…

Just keepin' it real. I do have kids afterall and they gotta play. Fortunately due to my former clean-out, getting it picked up was pretty quick.

Have a wonderful day!



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8 responses to “Day 14- Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real {Friends Edition}

  1. I think the concept of your blog is interesting. I’ll have to check out the post about riding a bike in a skirt since we have been trying to work bike riding into our daily lives as much as we can. There is also a blog called bike skirt which is about riding your bike in a skirt. It is probably more women libby but still is interesting.

    • Hi Julia, Thanks for writing 🙂 I think any long skirt will work with bike riding. I would recommend you wear some thigh-length exercise pants or something underneath because a gust of wind can cause the top of the skirt to billow a bit. We were doing such low-key riding that it wasn’t a problem but I can see how at higher speeds it could be potentially. Also, they now sell skirts for runners that have the shorts built in. I think that would be a good option too.

  2. Donna L.

    I found you on Like Mother like daughter and looked back through your experiment with skirts….I have been musing about doing the same thing!

    I am getting inspired, and always wear a skirt for church, but not usually around the house. Yet.

    My husband teased that he wanted me to be in heels and pearls dusting the furniture and I just laughed out loud!

    As for aprons, look for those too, when you are buying skirts. I have only bought one new, and my favorites were at Value Village…I used to ruin some of my favorite tops, but not anymore!

    Thanks for writing

    • Thanks for your comment! It’s so nice to hear from someone out there in the internets 🙂 I hope you’ll find ways to include skirts in your daily wardrobe. If you want to send a picture or link to your blog I’ll post it 🙂 And I definitely need at least one more apron. I actually wore an apron all day today because I didn’t want to get my white top smudged. I’m definitely more aware of stains and taking better care of my clothing.

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  4. Hey, you’re Sonja’s friend Jamie! I didn’t get to meet you on my recent visit to California (I was with Sonja when she bought that dress in the photo I think I might have seen her that actual day!) but I feel like I almost know you because Sonja talks about you ALL THE TIME. 😉 Okay, she doesn’t talk about you all the time, but she mentions you a lot and now I can stalk you online and get to know you through your blog so when I do meet you eventually I’ll already know you.

    I think the idea of a year in skirts is fascinating and frightening. I am like your former self, I tend to live in jeans and chinos and shorts. I do wear dresses and skirts occasionally but not more than a dozen or so times a year, tops. I will follow your blog with interest just to see how your experiment is proceeding!

  5. Yep, we probably did, but I didn’t know Sonja that well then, actually. I’ve spent more time with her since then and heard a lot more about you. 😉

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