Day 15- Musing “The Dress that Made the Children Cheer”

I have had an interest in wearing more dresses ever since my third child was born and, despite having a closet full of clothes, I seriously felt like I had NOTHING to wear. I blamed my lack of clothing options on the fact that I was constantly changing sizes due to pregnancy and postpartum (I gain 40lbs each time and go up 4 sizes- all worth it though!) Pants and shorts are SO unforgiving when it comes to all of these body changes. It made me long for the olden days when women would just sport a mumu-type thing all of the time. There is so much sense in the mumu! Rather than having regular sized jeans, then medium Maternity, large Maternity, then extra-large Maternity, and then postpartum-sized pants in every size back down to the regular size, we could wear the same mumu ALL THE TIME! Wow.

So being that I was postpartum with lots of clothes but nothing to wear that fit, I decided all I wanted was a simple housedress. A dress that I could wear whether I was a size X or size Y or size Z. Just a housedress that I could play in, work in, basically just be a mom in. So I set out to search for that housedress, but it was not as easy to find as I thought. Finally I found some simple dresses just like the one I wore on Day 2. I bought three of them.

The first day that I put on that dress and came out of the bathroom don’t you know that my two older children jumped up and down and cheered!? My son said “You boodiful Mommy!” All because of a simple cotton dress. I was genuinely flattered! Even though my whole point of trying it was because I had a postpartum tummy and hips.

Well, shoot, if I’m gonna get that kind of reception just for coming out of the bathroom, maybe I’ll keep thinking about this dress thing!

I have no idea why it means something to children for them to see their mom dressed up. For some reason dressing nice while in pants just isn’t the same to them as seeing their mom dressed in a dress or skirt. I thought I dressed nicely on many occasions with a nice top and such, but I’ve never gotten any attention from them for that. But a dress will do it, as will a pair of earrings and a necklace. Why do children notice these small things?

At any rate, now that a skirt is part of my regular wardrobe I’m not getting cheers anymore, but I believe they notice and will remember.

Here’s what I wore today! Speaking of pregnancy and pospartum, this is a wonderful maternity skirt that Sonja gave me a long time ago that I can wear all of the time. Maybe we should all have a few maternity pieces just because they’re so darn comfortable. 

Have a wonderful day!



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3 responses to “Day 15- Musing “The Dress that Made the Children Cheer”

  1. alisa

    Hi there! I just found your blog from Like Mother Like Daughter and wanted to encourage you in your dress / skirt wearing! I became a full time skirt wearer about 5 years ago. Like you I was a jeans and tee shirts girl except for church. It has not been easy, but God gives us so much grace when we obey his will! We are in So. Cal. and we go to the beach in Carp., so it was fun to see the local pictures. I love that you’re showing that a lady can do work and play in a skirt! I
    God bless you and your work!

  2. I wish I owned more dresses. I really think they are an ideal clothing option. Feminine, beautiful, modest, and no wasted time and energy trying to figure out an outfit that matches or coordinates well. Just put on a dress and you are done! Plus, as you say, they are so forgiving to changes in shape. I keep my eyes out for them whenever I go to the thrift shop or a rummage sale. I am glad your dress was so positively received!

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