Day 17- Dude, what’s up with the prices?

I sent my friend Natasha the link to the blog page where I posted her picture. She then had a chance to poke around the site, but had a question for me:

“Why did you decide to include the costs of the skirts when you post your pics?”

Well now, that’s a good question! Such a good question that I thought it deserved an answer here as well.

I include the cost for two reasons:

1. I always thought that dressing in jeans with a solid color top was less-expensive because if you never really stand out, then people don’t realize you’re just wearing pretty much the same clothes day after day.

Truth- At about $30 per pair (or easily more-and I would pay more for a well-fitting pair) jeans are not super cheap especially when you are buying so many different sizes.  

However, if you buy a $20 dress you’re paying basically $10 for the top and $10 for the bottom which isn’t bad. (Although you can’t wear this same dress all of the time.) But, I’ve found that I can do much better than a $20 dress and I’ve been able to build so much more variety into my wardrobe.

It does not have to cost more to dress in skirts and dresses. And can potentially be cheaper since it is much easier to buy a thrift store skirt than a thrift store pair of jeans. 

2. I have always been a cost-conscious person in general. In many ways, the less something costs the more joy it brings me. So this experiment brings me joy because I’m doing something fun but also doing it in a way that I can afford.

Overall, I post prices because I want to encourage you, that if you are interested in wearing more skirts and dresses, that this does not have to be a cost-prohibitive thing. 

Here’s what I wore today:

One of my favorites. Purchased at ROSS for $8.99

I did wear an apron for most of the day to protect my white top and the front of the skirt from the children’s hands. At 5pm I took off the apron and was able to go straight to work to teach my class.

Have a wonderful day!



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5 responses to “Day 17- Dude, what’s up with the prices?

  1. Ken H

    This is an awesome thing that you’re doing – I think that so many women could be learning from you. Keep up the good work!

  2. Dwayne

    As much as many females hate to spend a lot of money on clothes, they ought to read this. Let’s see if they’ll like wearing pants after this.

    • I’m actually not trying to convince anyone to stop wearing pants. I’m just doing this little experiment for myself because I’ve been trapped in ONLY pants/shorts for so many years.

  3. Dwayne

    After seeing what Jamie said about how much jeans costs for gals, a great alternative would be jean skirts and jean dresses.

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