Day 20- Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real {destructive baby edition}

Linking up with Like Mother Like Daughter for their {phfr} carnival πŸ™‚ Laila had a great post yesterday. I’m sure if you’re here you’re visiting me from her site and not the other way around, but just in case, go read yesterday’s post!

The marker goes all the way up to her stomach and chest (and cheek!)

Look who I found climbing in the car? I’m sure she thinks it’s pretty. I thought it was pretty funny (especially the one sock!) until I realized that she hadn’t stopped there…

The damage didn't stop here either. Big sister was not happy when she discovered red marker scribbled all over her dolls' faces. About 8 dollies with red eyes and face and toenails. :/ Fortunately most could be wiped clean.

Groaaan…. Β This stopped being pretty, happy, or funny as soon as I realized that this red marker would. not. come. off! Not even with a Magic Eraser. Fortunately we have some leftover paint so I took it to the hardware store to be mixed and painted over the little graffiti-artist’s work. What would I have done if I didn’t have that matching paint? Don’t know!

I can definitely file this one in the Real category! And maybe Funny too… that it’s painted over and done with. My Nattie is always finding messes.


Here was yesterday’s skirt:

Another great thrift store find for $2. Perfect condition!

Tomorrow I’m writing about seven observations since I started wearing skirts πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful day!



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24 responses to “Day 20- Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real {destructive baby edition}

  1. Deb

    Popped over from LMLD’s {phfr} and went through all your days. Marvelous!
    Blessings to you on the journey~

  2. Ohh, the markers. We’ve had that fun too. I’m glad you had some paint to remedy that.
    Pretty skirt – I love the shape πŸ™‚

  3. Those little artists–od job on just painting it over with a shrug.
    I’m looking forward to reading more about the year in skirts.

  4. That was supposed to be GOOD job,

  5. You have me so intrigued that I am now following your blog! I LOVE skirts but rarely wear them. Everytime I do my husband compliments me like crazy. Maybe I should take the hint? πŸ™‚

  6. So if I wasn’t a mom in the know, I would say something condesending like you need to make sure all of the crayons and markers are up. Yes someone said that to me about 9 or 10 years ago. What I will say is take photos. I never thought to each time they did it and wish I had. There was once that I went Christmas shopping and they drew a mural on the playroom wall, a whole little village with houses and families and mailboxes and businesses. We talk about it a lot. They are now 10 and 12 and way past this stage.

    • lol. Yes she finds everything. I came upstairs one time and she had found a jar of Vaseline up on the bathroom counter and smeared it all over her naked body even all up in her yoni. This girl is trouble! I didn’t get a pic of that one. Jason has mentioned getting that paint that you can put on the walls that makes a sort of chalkboard that the kids can draw on. I told him I don’t think it’s a good idea to encourage Natalie in this behavior! She’ll think any ol’ wall is A-OK for drawing!

      • LOL, I would have had to cover everything with that paint for it to actually work. Seriously, they did grow out of it, but it seemed to take forever. Now they both have notebook to draw in. A lot of notebooks.

  7. Shannon

    ACK – Nat! Naughty girl! LOL.

  8. Oh…my….red…ness! File it under real. It can be moved to funny in another five years. And then, someday, when you’re girls are grown, it may go back to real.

  9. Oh, man! I hope you banned that marker from the house.
    And I agree, “putting things up” loses its power as soon as the kids get a bit more coordinated. After that, it just encourages them to climb. πŸ™‚

  10. Once upon a time I wore skirts . . .

    Last week we stopped at the grocery on our way home from church. My husband offered to go in while I stayed in the car with our four kids. My four yr. old, Jack, called out the window, “Dad – buy a skirt for Mom!”

    Your blog has got me thinking!

  11. The skirt is lovely-what a great find for only two dollars! I have been wearing skirts all summer, and love it. Hmmm! Your walls match my formerly white now red,orange and purple computer cupboard!

  12. What adorable chubby legs your little girl has! Sorry about the marker mess. You will think it’s funny one day! I’m going to look at all your skirts now. Love the idea!

  13. OH Netta! If there are markers in the house, two year olds will find them! Glad you found the paint. I catch Phil doing stuff like this and I ask him where he’s supposed to color/draw. He says: “Ony on da paper.” mmmhhhhmmm. πŸ™‚

  14. wholesomewomanhood

    I love that skirt, Jamie! I’ve been trying to find a cute denim skirt, and it’s been difficult to find something I like.

    ~ Melinda ~

  15. Oh, my daughter found a Black Sharpie I left out one day. Bad Mama. She then found my pretty dish washing gloves, her bed frame, sheets and the wall to color with it on. I learned a “real” lesson there!

  16. Rachel

    I came across your blog through {phfr} and am pleased to see you encouraging femininity through wearing skirts and dresses. I too wear nothing but skirts and dresses, but I only have three right now. I have had many thoughts on how women have convinced themselves they cannot do things in a dress and I have come to the conclusion that it is all foolishness. Not to mention there are practical sides to wearing dresses that we miss (I don’t miss the shredded knees of jeans for one).

  17. Michelle

    I found your blog from LMLD and I think it’s great! This summer I decided to start wearing skirts more often, and I can totally relate to the “weird” feeling. Plus, it took a few times of wearing them for the neighbors to stop asking me what I was all dressed up for. I actually started wearing them because I lost some weight and needed new clothes. I found more decent skirts at the thrift store than I found decent shorts and jeans, and the skirts cost less too. I look forward to reading more posts in the future!

  18. Totally with you on the skirts. I’ve been snatching them up in the thrift stores and I am LOVING it.

    marker-when the twins were about that age, one would hide the other behind her so she could secretly write on the walls. Then they would switch. The best is when they can write their names, write them all over creation and then deny they were there…

  19. Our littlest recently colored with black marker everywhere, even the woodwork in our home that is finished so nicely, not painted. I was at a loss for how to remove that- then a friend recommended that I try white toothpaste, brand doesn’t matter. Marker gone without a trace from the wood with a little scrubbing w a soft toothbrush! I’m telling the tip to anyone with littles! Maybe that would even get it off the doll’s faces that didn’t wipe clean?
    She was such a busy graffiti artist! Thanks for sharing. I’ll be coming back to read more about skirts too!

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