Day 21- Seven Observations Since I Started Wearing Skirts

Today I’m linking up with Conversion Diary’s 7 Quick Takes. Jennifer Fulwiler has so many great posts on this site.

It has been a full three weeks of skirt wearing so I thought it apropos to do Seven Observations Since I Started Wearing Skirts:

1. I am wearing more patterns and even earrings sometimes. (Ack! Girl overload! he he)

2. I am wearing more color. Or maybe it’s just color in different places?

3. I am taking better care of my clothing. (If you’ve noticed, I’ve had some stain issues.) Therefore,

3a. I’m ironing more.

3b. I’m preventing stains by wearing my apron during the day.

3c. I’m actually stain-treating my clothes immediately rather than just not paying attention and letting it set.

3d. I’m separating laundry again.

3e. I’m doing a hand wash if the garment indicates.

3f. Now lest you think my life has become nothing but pure laundry drudgery there is one proviso: If the item isn’t dirty I hang it back up. There is no need to just absentmindedly throw something in the laundry basket that doesn’t need washing. And if I’m wearing an apron for most of the day or only wearing a certain shirt for the three hours I’m teaching class, many times I can hang clothes back up.

4. I’m learning how to properly cross my legs. Note: It’s actually much better to either cross at the ankles or sit with legs together and even slightly turned to the side, or knees together with ankles out. If someone is sitting right across from you, crossing at the knees can give a good view if you’re in a mid-length skirt. (Jason’s the one who pointed this out. I was sitting across from him and he raised his eyebrows and motioned toward me. I had no idea he, or anyone else, could see anything!) This has taken some getting used to.

5. I am NOT spending more money. It is true that we tend to wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. Well now I’m busting out the other 80% that I’ve always let just hang there for most of the year. Also, the skirts in my local thrift store have been in really good condition, probably because people don’t really wear their skirts! If you’re between a size 4-16 this is a good option to try.

6. I have more energy. I don’t know if it is because I’m getting dressed right away or if it is because I’m having to put more thought into what I wear in the morning, but whatever it is it’s giving me more energy during the day. (Read- my house is staying kept up!)

7. I definitely feel more lady-like! (Which once in awhile makes me uncomfortable because I’m so darn used to being just another jeans person. But I think this is a good thing overall, so I’m trying to move past it. :P)

Here’s my outfit for today. Today was a park playdate day and it was really hot outside! I’ve begun brainstorming for how I’m going to manage skirt-wearing once it starts getting into the rainy season.

Enjoy your skirts and have a wonderful day!

P.S. And thank you to all the LMLD ladies for visiting me yesterday! It made my day.



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13 responses to “Day 21- Seven Observations Since I Started Wearing Skirts

  1. Hi! I found you over at Jen’s… Not to be cliche or anything, but ‘you had me at hello’. What a great concerpt! I’m looking forward to learning of your observations (I’ll be back later to catch up). Your 7 observations are really interesting.

    You know, I never thought about the whole skirt/pants thing until recently… and I honestly had no idea it could be so controversial. I’m going to be reading ‘Fascinating Womanhood’ by Helen Andelin in the near future… LDS women’s ‘bible’ of sorts… I’m curious about the perspective.

    I’ve never been a girly girl (and less so with each passing year), but I’ve felt feminine. I watch my daughter explore (and fall in love with) all things girly and I wonder where that comes from. I think it’s great you’re willing to share your journey. Thank you!

    • I too have wondered about my daughter’s girliness. It’s quite charming and I don’t want her to lose it by falling into this cultural mode of either boyishness for girls or a type of hyper-feminized materialism. Interesting book rec!

  2. 3f is a lesson I’m trying, and trying, and trying to teach my 6yo. 🙂

    I like skirts, but I don’t like how my legs rub together when I sweat.

    • I usually wear form-fitting exercise shorts under my skirts. I’ll probably do a post on “underthings” pretty soon. I’m still looking for a good solution though that doesn’t ride up!

  3. Lorraine

    “#7 – I definitely feel more ladylike” Proving the saying that clothes make the man–or in this case woman. If one is a teenager and wears a hoodie (hood up) in some circles, then one may be predisposed to unsocial or even illegal activities. How we dress does seem to have an effect on how we feel about ourselves and how we behave. I’ve noticed the same thing when I wear a dress or wear even dressy pants. I walk differently, sit differently and often behave differently depending on which I wear. I love the concept of this blog. I think a lot of us women would wear skirts if we could only figure out how it would work for our lifestyle. You are giving us a chance to see that it can be done and encourage us to follow suit. And lets face it (though this is not a problem for you), as we get older we look a whole lot better in a skirt than in a pair of jeans.

  4. i love, love, love skirts … they’re so easy to dress up or down … they’re so stylish …

  5. jess

    I also found you through LMLD — love this idea! You have looked very cute in all your pictures! I like skorts (the ones that don’t look like shorts from the back) — I don’t know where you live, but Michigan summers make for sticky inner thighs! 🙂 Have fun on this journey!


  6. I think you should do a “show your skirt” link up each week. I think that would be fun.

  7. visiting today from LMLD and wanted to say I’m a BIG FAN of skirt wearing! It will be a bit more tricky now that my waistline is expanding (baby due in Feb), but thankfully, the only thing fitting me at the current time are my skirts- elastic waisted ones, that is.
    I love wearing skirts and find they much more becoming than shorts and want my boys to see how girls should dress. 😉

  8. Kimberly

    Stumbled upon you a few days ago and just wanted to say you look beautiful! I have teenage boys and I was inspired to wear more feminine clothing so they would know what a woman should look like, not what the magazines and the world show us we should look like. I have found I love wearing dresses! So much cooler in the summer, usually tights and boots in the winter. I am usually the only mom at the baseball game, football game or wrestling match that has a dress on! My husband really likes dresses/skirts and has never said that I look out of place.
    I wanted to tell you that I have a slip that is like a split skirt. I got it at Kohl’s. It is the best; very light weight, comfortable and modest. I think that would be good for the ladies with the thigh issues! Blessings, and keep inspiring! Kimberly

    • Thanks so much for writing to me! I definitely know what you mean about wanting to set a good example for your sons. I’m glad that you find dresses in the winter to be no problem. That will be a new experience for me for sure!

    • Dwayne Coleman, Jr.

      Kimberly personifies the very type of woman I want when fall in love. When females wear pants and shorts, it’s the same as a man wearing a skirt or dress. If I should be fotunate enough to meet Kimberly’s husband, I’ll be honored to shake his hand(he reminds me of me).

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