Day 22- Back to School Hair Shopping

When I was a little girl I loved to do my dolls’ hair. I wasn’t into dressing them or constructing pretend scenarios unless it happened to be “salon”. Fast forward many years and I have myself a little girl. Joy! When she turned about 5 years old I became interested in doing more “interesting” things with her hair beyond just ponytails. (Although ponytails are definitely cute.) That’s when I discovered the many great hair blogs that are out there in the web-o-sphere and began trying new things on my daughter’s hair.

In order to do hair in something beyond a ponytail or french braid you have to have a few tools. So if you are interested, here is what you need to buy:

A water bottle, a package of each of these three sizes of hair bands, large comb for tangles, small comb for parting hair, bristle brush for a smooth look to the hair and ouchless brushing, scissors for bangs and ribbons, (topsy tail is optional- there are just some cute styles that you can’t do well without them. Especially the small one.)

Now you need some fun stuff to finish your styles off.

You need some clippies to hold flyaways back in both fun and neutral colors. You can go to the dollar store or craft store for ribbon. Some fun ponytail bands and hairspray is a must. (I forgot to picture bobby pins. Those are helpful too.)

This is how I store my stuff

Attaching the clippies to a ribbon helps me to lift them out quickly to find what I need

The brushes go into the bathroom drawer and the teeny tiny hairbands go into a smaller box. Otherwise they’d get lost amongst the bigger items.

My daughter is about to start first grade in about a week, and back to school means that I got to replenish her ribbons, bands, and other hair supplies. That’s fun shopping for me! 🙂

Here are two styles from last week:

Here was my outfit for today. I’m back at the hospital doing Bradley classes for the mom on permanent bed rest. Looks like she may be sent home soon though! This long jean skirt is great for everything and I’m sure I’ll be wearing it a lot in the colder months.

And yes, purchased at the thrift store!

Have a wonderful day!



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2 responses to “Day 22- Back to School Hair Shopping

  1. I am so impressed with your little girl hairdo skillz. I am such a disappointment as a mother in that department. 😉

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