Day 24- How to make popcorn

Right now I’m teaching my Friday childbirth class from my home since it is a small group. When people come to the house, my typical offerings are water, herbal iced tea, coffee, and popcorn! Popcorn is the PERFECT food to have in the house at all times because:

1. The kernels never go bad.

2. Super inexpensive

3. Kids love popcorn

4. Adults love popcorn.

For whatever reason, popcorn makes people happy. They ooh and aaah and stuff.

But I’ve found that most people do not know how to make popcorn just straight from the kernel on the stove. So I thought I’d show you.

Here’s all you need:

Put just enough oil in the pan to coat the bottom with a tad extra.

Put one layer of kernels into the pan.

Turn the heat on high, put the lid on and wait for the popping. Once it starts popping a lot you can jiggle the pan a little, just to make sure the kernels are getting in the oil (I think. I don't actually know why you jiggle. I just always have.) Once the popping starts slowing down quite a bit, turn off the heat and just let the pan sit there with the lid on. You'll hear some more pops.

Melt the butter in the micro.

Salt it up. Pour the butter on a little at a time and stir. People love this stuff!

To make kettle corn, add some sugar just before the kernels start to pop. Stir quickly and put the lid back on. The popcorn will have a lovely light sweet taste.

Here’s my outfit. OF COURSE I was wearing my apron while cooking. I’m starting to rely on that thing as much as I rely on my glasses in the evening.

Have a wonderful day!



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6 responses to “Day 24- How to make popcorn

  1. It’s funny how aprons and skirts do seem to go hand in hand.. though I have to admit… skirt or otherwise, I’ve always used one… I can’t keep myself from hurriedly wiping my hands on the front of my thighs as I cook!

    Oh the popcorn! I think it is SO SAD that people generally don’t know how to do this anymore. Popped on the stove in oil corn is the only kind I’ll eat, and it is the reason my daughter thinks I’m the best corn popper in the universe, LOL. I learned from my grandma. I believe, the reason we shake the pot is to help the unpopped kernals from being carried away from the bottom of the pot by the fluffy popped ones… if you don’t shake the pot, they get trapped as the corn pops and your yield isn’t as great.

    I think I’ll go make some popcorn!

  2. You can also make microwave popcorn straight from the kernel – just put about a quarter cup of kernels in a brown paper lunch bag, fold the edge over a few times, and microwave it like you would any other bag of microwave popcorn. Voila!

  3. Rachel P.

    Noooo! Use coconut oil for your popcorn! That’s what cinemas used for years before saturated fats got a bad reputation and I swear it’s so much better. We keep a jar of coconut oil around and stove top popcorn is the number one use for it.

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