Day 25- Lessons from I Love Lucy

I wear my hair up most days, but today I was in the mood to have it down since I knew I would be going out later on. It took me near 30 years to learn this, but my hair looks a million times better when it’s down if I take the time to curl the ends. (My whole life I thought I just had stringy hair. Turns out you actually have to DO something with your hair to make it look nice. You can’t expect it to look nice with absolutely zero effort. Three decades to learn that one. I’m quick!)

So this morning I spent a few minutes curling the ends of my hair and got all dressed up in the outfit that would look nice for my outing later in the day.

But today was a serious housecleaning day. So there I stood in my skirt and freshly curled hair wondering, “Well now what am I going to do?” I didn’t want to put my hair in a ponytail because then I would flatten my hair and have that bump in the back. It’s not like I’d have thirty minutes in the middle of my day to get re-dressed and ready. I only had the morning for that.

My mind flashed back to images of the 50’s housewives. How was it that they cleaned house but were able to look “ready to go” at a moment’s notice? What did they do? And then this specific scene from I Love Lucy came to mind:



That’s it! I needed a ‘do rag! I needed to put an apron on to protect my clothes, and then put my hair in something so that it would stay away from my face while cleaning and also not get messed up.

I didn’t know what to use though since I don’t have a bandanna. What could I use…? Ah ha! A receiving blanket! So I got a receiving blanket from the linen closet and tied it around my head. Ta da! A little silly, but it worked.

I can see why a lighter fabric (like a real bandanna) works better. It kept my hair off of my face and protected the curl so that when I was ready to go, off goes the apron and off goes the rag and it’s only a quick hair touch up before you can go out the door. This makes sense! Thanks Carolyn Appleby!

Tomorrow I’ll show the outfit.

Have a wonderful day!



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3 responses to “Day 25- Lessons from I Love Lucy

  1. Michelle

    I did the same thing with a receiving blanket once when I was painting a ceiling and didn’t want paint to drip on my hair! Too funny!!

  2. i love wearing skirts… they are modest and can be dressed up for church or down with a simple t and flops for the park or zoo with children. like you i am challenged with the same thing. often i will drop the older two at school and run a few errands and then return home to some sort of cleaning ~ i will change into my “grubbies” until afternoon carpool time. even with an apron of sorts i usually get something on me so it is worth the effort to change. i would rather do that than drop off / pick up the children in my grubbies. maybe i need to see if i have any old receiving blankets i can alter before donating them. thanks for the idea.

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