Day 32- Housekeeping advice from all corners

Flylady says:

You can’t clean clutter

Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family

Set your timer for 15 minutes

Hotspots make our homes look messy.

Get dressed [to shoes.]

Don Aslett says to picture how nice the room is going to look once you’re done.

Julie Morgenstern says to organize things like a kindergarten classroom.

Similarly, Deniece Schofield says to organize items at the point of “first use”.

The Housefairy says that to clean a room you start in one corner and work your way around.

Jennifer says that her attitude changed on housework when she started seeing it as participating in God’s work. The work of creating order out of chaos.

Leila says you just have to grow up and realize that you need to schedule one hour for cleaning every day.


Can you guess what I was up to today?

I absolutely adore this skirt. It is THE MOST COMFORTABLE THING TO WEAR EVER.

Well now here you can actually see it.

Lots of sweaty housework. It took all day, but it’s done and I feel great.

Are there any housecleaning bits of advice you keep in your head?

Have a wonderful day!

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7 responses to “Day 32- Housekeeping advice from all corners

  1. Every time you get up and walk to another room, look for something you can put away. Don’t go up- or downstairs empty-handed. Pick up 10 pieces of trash or put away 10 things at a time.

  2. Bethany has a great idea. Don’t go anywhere without something in your hand to put away. Also, put the kids to work! Give each child an age-appropriate household chore for each day of the week. Mon – empty bathroom trashes, Tues – wipe down the banister with a wipe, Wed – wipe down all switch covers and doorknobs…you get the idea!

    • Now THAT is a good idea to have each day of the week assigned to a little chore for a kid to do. I’m really bad at chore charts and stuff. I usually just give orders as the need arises 😛

  3. Donna L.

    I think you have read all of the organizing/housekeeping/homemaking books that *I* have! I was nodding along with all of the quotes. As an aside, have you ever seen the movie by Don Aslett called, “Is there life after housecleaning?” It is pretty funny, I think, and his sense of humor always cracks me up! I especially like when he talks about using good tools to clean, and the funny things people keep because they might come in handy someday….

    I wish I had a great quote. In my head I am usually saying, “Oh my goodness! God put my on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things….and right now…I am so behind that I can NEVER DIE! ” –insert maniacal laughter here…

    {Heh, heh totally stolen from a bumper sticker I read a long time ago}

    I am really enjoying your blog and I am glad your daughter is feeling better.
    Time for me to get off the computer and get something accomplished!
    Donna L.

    • I’ve seen Don Aslett speak on a PBS special type thingy called “Is there Life After Housework?” He’s super HIGH ENERGY! I love your little saying lolol. Somehow sayings like that get us through when we’re feeling so overwhelmed!

  4. I have a two skirts like that also and I agree that they are *so* comfortable. They are a little too casual for my work environment sadly, or I would wear them much more often!

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