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Day 64- A bit on slips

Of course if you are going to be wearing skirts you need to invest in a slip or two. My favorite is a mid-length slip like this one. I’m wearing one like this with today’s skirt.

However, someone once mentioned in the comments that she didn’t like wearing skirts because it made her thighs chafe. Anyways, I found these petti-pants and think they are the perfect solution!

I may buy some myself, just because they are a bit more modest than a slip. Sometimes I’m still not 100% sure that I’m fully covering myself when I bend down or something with the kids. I think I’m ok, but having a garment like this would probably make me feel more secure. I’ve tried the ASSETS brand Shapewear for this problem, but I really really hate feeling like a sausage in casing. Part of what I LOVE about wearing skirts is the free, easy, comfortable feeling. Wearing shapewear underneath totally ruins that. Anyways, yesterday I was forced to wear the dreaded shapewear because of the length of the dress and the fact that I was at the park and would be pretty active.

Have a wonderful day!



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Day 63- Ahoy thar mateys!

I didn’t do a Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real post yesterday because I feel like I’ve used up all my stuff this week! So I’m combining PHFR and 7 Quick Takes. Is that wrong?

1. My {Pretty} would be my hiking trip.

2. But I did make bread today, so that can be pretty too. And it makes my husband suuuuper happy. (Seriously, the way to my man’s heart is through bread. And a clean house.)

3. Feeling silly about posing in the park. I can’t believe Sonja actually got this picture!

4. The shoes

5. This brings me to my {Real} portion. Anyone happen to know of a less-toxic remedy for a wart? Nattie has a small wart under her eye (the portion that looks like a little pimple) and the doctor said she didn’t want to remove it with liquid-nitrogen due to the proximity to her eye. The concern with leaving it is that warts can spread. Anyways, she told me to use a product called Compound W but somehow the stuff spread to the surrounding skin (probably via Natalie touching it) and it has burned her skin because that stuff is like acid 😦 So now we don’t really know what to do.

6. Since I’m being a bit of a downer, I’ll just continue on in that mode! I’m still really missing my girl at school. I’m sort of used to it, I guess. But mostly I’m not and I miss not having her for the majority of the day. I think about homeschooling all of the time, but then yesterday she says to me, “I’m so glad I have school now because it’s boring at home!” I’m glad she’s enjoying herself, but I’m still sulky about it!

7. And finally… do you ever feel like your house is too small? Well, to cure you of this thought, I wanted to repost a video that the blogger Writing to Save my Husband’s Sanity put up. I think I’ve watched this four times now. Unbelievable!

Linking to Like Mother, Like Daughter and 7 Quick Takes

Have a wonderful day!


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Day 62- Just Red

The kiddos love to get in on the picture action!

I look all curvaceous in this one 😛

Have a wonderful day!

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Day 61- That mom in preschool who wears skirts

That’s me.

Being sneaky with my camera's self-timer at preschool again.

And for my Tuesday crock-pot meal, I’m starting off strong with chuck roast yummyness.

Chuck roast, garlic, salt, 1/2 can of beef consume, bit of red wine. Set on low. At the end add some mushrooms and fresh ital. parsley. Serve with rice.

Linked to What I Wore Wednesday and Real Momma, Real Style

Have a wonderful day!


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Day 60- Workin’ on that meal planning thing

I read an interesting article this week from the NYTimes called Is Junk Food Really Cheaper? where Mark Bittman questions some commonly held beliefs about why so many Americans  choose fast “junk” food over “real” food. He defines “real food” as pretty much anything that can be cooked at home. He debunks three myths (it’s not cheaper, it is accessible, and the time is there) before he gets to what he believes is the core issue “The core problem is that cooking is defined as work, and fast food is both a pleasure and a crutch…Their reaction is, ‘Let me enjoy what I want to eat, and stop telling me what to do.’ And it’s one of the few things that less well-off people have: they don’t have to cook.”

Hmmm…that got me thinking.

Further down he says, “Real cultural changes are needed to turn this around. Somehow, no-nonsense cooking and eating — roasting a chicken, making a grilled cheese sandwich, scrambling an egg, tossing a salad — must become popular again, and valued not just by hipsters in Brooklyn or locavores in Berkeley. The smart campaign is not to get McDonald’s to serve better food but to get people to see cooking as a joy rather than a burden, or at least as part of a normal life.”


So here’s the thing, I’ve never hated cooking. Yes, there are varying degrees of work that go into putting together a meal, but for me the challenge has not been the actual “work” of cooking (I mean, really, crockpot cooking is pretty much no work at all). The challenge for me has ALWAYS been the planning ahead. The grocery shopping and the skill of meal planning.

It gets me every time! Usually the first three days after I grocery shop are good, but after that it’s scrounge-and-search around here. Jason and I definitely noticed a major up-surge in our fast-food intake during the month that I was working about four nights a week. I wasn’t planning ahead at all. But even during normal times I feel like I’m just winging it too much!

It’s time to be a big girl and see if I can figure this out.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to do a meal-plan that will really work for our family. I can’t assign a protein to each day. That just doesn’t work for me. I can’t assign a “style” of food to each day (Mexican night, Italian night etc..). That doesn’t work for me either. So I’m going to try to assign a “cooking method” to each day of the week and see if that helps me shop and plan better.

Here’s my current plan:

Mon– BBQ, oven or pressure cooker

Tues– crockpot

Weds– leftovers

Thurs– one pot meals or casserole

Fri– leftovers or fish

Sat– eat out (or something easy like soup/sandwich or prepared food from Trader Joes)

Sun– fun food (hot dogs, hamburgers, tacos, homemade pizza)

I’m hoping that this gives me some flexibility in terms of what meat happens to be on sale that week and also allows for lots of different “types” of foods. Stir-fry, chili, spaghetti and soup are all one pot meals. I can even do soup for a crockpot day if I wanted. I can use leftover meat for enchiladas or chicken/mushroom pasta. Feeling lofty and optimistic here, maybe it’ll even get me finding new recipes for these categories! Maaaaybe. If anything it’ll help me re-remember the stuff I already know how to make.

Mostly though, I’m hoping this structure works for us and I can start relying on it for planning instead of always being totally lost by Thursday. This would make a big difference in my ability to be a better cook for my family.

Wooden spoons crossed!

It's chilly today! I've got leggings on.

Have a wonderful day!


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Day 59- Some negatives about skirt-wearing

When I wrote about the positive things I’ve discovered about wearing skirts, I mentioned in the comments that I’d be doing a post about this. I have really enjoyed this experiment and am surprised that I’ve actually been able to dress this way about 95% of the time. However, there is that 5% of non-skirty time that will likely grow to a higher percentage in the upcoming months and here’s why:

1. When it’s cold, I just want to wear pants. Wearing skirts in the summer has been quite easy for me overall and I love how much cooler and more comfortable I am. The weather is mostly still sunny and nice, but every once in awhile the chill of Fall moves in along with a few raindrops, and my pants are just calling out to me! I definitely plan on pairing leggings with my skirts and dresses, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to do that every day especially once it starts getting “for reals” cold. But you know I’ll be honest about my outfits since part of this experiment is about stretching myself and moving beyond my comfort-zone.

2. When I don’t feel well, I just want to wear pants. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that I feel sick, but maybe just, you know, not much sleep, lots to do etc… Lauren said it best in the comments, “I love skirts/dresses and all things feminine but there are just days when all you want are your stretchy yoga pants.” Yep.

3. There are certain types of tops that I think look better with pants. Primarily I’m thinking of tops that gather at the bust and flow down from there creating a shapeless mid-section. Paired with a skirt, I feel like I just look like a big sack. For example, I didn’t particularly care for this outfit, and think this top looks better paired with pants or capris. This is a matter of personal opinion of course.

4. There are certain activities that are best handled in pants. I’ve mentioned before that I teach childbirth classes. For the classes that I’m demonstrating the pregnancy exercises (think squatting and butterflies) and pushing positions, I’m just not going to handle that in a skirt. The potential for flashing is just way too great and I’ve got not just women there, but their husbands too. Pants it is. (Although for other classes where I’m not doing those activities I’m happy to wear my skirts.) Rachel in the comments said, “To be honest, it is not easy to be all skirt-y and feminine with some of the things we women are required to do these days. I decided to rearrange my bedroom without my husbands help and threw on very old jeans to get the job done.”


Here is an example from today. This is what I wore to church.

Love this skirt! Just got it on Friday for $4 at the thrift store.

After church we came back home and I took the kids to play tennis. It’s pretty chilly out today, so I threw on these for running around the court:

Anyways, I want to encourage you that wearing skirts doesn’t have to be an all or nothing thing. Prior to this experiment I was 95% in pants/shorts and I’m definitely glad I’m out of that rut.

Have a wonderful day!


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Day 58- BLISS!!! (aka hiking in a skirt)

Today goes down in the books as a perfect day.

My dad babysat, and Jason and I took a day-trip together. We hiked to the top of Mt. Baldy! It was spectacular!! From the parking area it was 4 miles up going from 6,000 to 10,000 feet in elevation. There is a nice lodge at the top where you can have lunch and just enjoy the views.

Hiking uphill for four miles in the sun without a hat meant that I had to do be creative with my sweater. Jason found this quite funny.

I absolutely loved the fresh blue sky and view of the valley below.

The sky is bluer up here.


There was even a waterfall that I had no idea was up here. I’ve lived in this area all of my life, but have never hiked here! So it was just wonderful to spend a day in my “own backyard” as they say and enjoy the natural beauty of where I live. All of this awesomeness was only a 15 minute car trip away.


Now, this seems unrelated, but is still part of my perfect day. Yesterday I bought the kids (and myself) tennis rackets because I want to start hitting the ball around with them at the park. Our park has a nice tennis court and I saw a dad hitting balls with his little 3 year old about a month ago. I had no idea you could start kids so young! Anyway, now I’ve got it in my head that I want to play tennis with my kids so here we all are posing for a picture this morning before Jason and I left for our hike:

Have a wonderful day!


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