Day 35- 7 Quick Takes Friday

1. At the park today! My girl likes to swing “rewy high!”

2. Lisa was there too! I need a long straight skirt like this.

3. I noticed Yelena in a skirt, and took this pic. (Don’t worry, I asked her if I could put in on here! I love her outfit.)

4. When we got home from the park I had to wash Natalie’s feet and legs. Look at the aftermath! Gah!

5. Later that evening, I took the kids to Bonelli Park so they could watch Daddy ride in a bike race! (They send the guys out in timed heats, that’s why you can’t see anyone else.)

6. Nattie gives Daddy a kiss after the race.

7. And whadda ya know, he won 2nd place for this race, and 1st place for the 3-ride series! Congratulations Honey!

Who the heck knew I married an athlete!?

Have a wonderful day!

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