Day 39- That’s right. More cleaning.

I’m experiencing a bit of an identity crisis here.

I’m not a clean person. I’m messy. I struggle with keeping things clean. I’m a person who WANTS to be clean, and then does marathon cleaning to get there, but my house is never kept clean for very long.


If I keep this up I won’t be able to hold onto my identity anymore of a struggling housekeeper. I’ll be like one of those clean friends that has a clean house. The clean friend that makes other friends worry that their homes are too messy. Part of me prefers to be the “my house looks worse than yours” friend. But if I hang on to that identity, then I can’t move forward into this new one and enjoy the peace of a consistently clean home.

Here I am decluttering again. Today I decided to do the silverware drawer and the cabinet up above it. These two areas have been annoying me for months.


I emptied the contents of the silverware drawer into this laundry basket. This is just the junk that was shoved around the actual silverware divider thingy. The rest of the silverware is off to the side.



So much random stuff in here. Expired baby food and vitamins. Just junk shoved in here and there.


Yup. I’m mopping too. Mondays are turning into a major cleaning day.

So if you’re that friend that struggles with housekeeping, just know that I’ve been there! I think the key is to just keep at it. Keep working on decluttering and routines and setting your timer and just doing your best. Read lots of books on the topic for tips and motivation. Over time things get better. By now, I’m usually back to things being a little unmanageable. This is the longest clean streak I’ve ever had. But I really pray I can keep it up because it feels so so good to have a clean house!

Have a wonderful day!

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5 responses to “Day 39- That’s right. More cleaning.

  1. Z

    Ohhh, very cool. I love that this is happening for you! I’m actually a lot like you describe yourself. I’m messy but i want to be clean and tidy!!! I read books and blogs about the topic. I like’s baby steps program…but i still haven’t gotten very far on it yet…grr…Well, Ill just keep at it and hope I have a break through one day!

  2. I am so in the same boat as you! I need to learn too! blegh!

  3. Alissa M.

    Thanks for the encouragement Jamie!! My house is always a mess. I feel like it’s the beast that can never be tamed. But I will press on and not give up! Very cute skirt by the way.

  4. Marla

    I feel just like you… NOT a natural housekeeper, I struggle. There are so many more fun things to do. Cleaning is not one of those things. I’m wondering if it has something to do with you taking pictures and posting them for the world to see. I know that when I take pictures of the kiddos or whatever in my house, I always notice the background and if my house is a mess, it REALLY shows up in the pictures. If I was posting pictures every day of our life I would probably try to keep my house a little tidier also. HEY… maybe I should do that! lol

    • I’ve been having people over to the house more since I was teaching a series at the house. THAT helped! It was a little stressful, but my house was looking so clean it was like a museum. Now that the school year has started my schedule is out of whack and I’m a little behind again.

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