Day 41- Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

PHFR on Like Mother, Like Daughter 🙂

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real- I don’t have them all divided. But here is my context of contentment for today!

It’s a beautiful day!!! But what you can’t feel is how HOT it is.

Definitely swimming weather hot. The nice thing about association fees is access to a pool. (You like that little “turn lemons into lemonade” action there? Mmhmmm…I’m good at that.)

While Sissy was at school, I decided it was a good day for a fort.

And a good day for snacks in the fort too! (I’ve got a vacuum so why not?)

Peace out! This one’s for you Lauren! (I’m talking to her on the phone :P)

Have a wonderful day!



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4 responses to “Day 41- Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

  1. Snacks in the fort – so much fun! I’m glad you have a pool to cool off in.

  2. Fun talking to you! 🙂

  3. Beth in the City

    I love seeing all of your skirts! I hope to keep track, for ideas on how to wear mine. I wore skirts for so long that I was quite sick of them there for a while. Now I am enjoying them more again and wants some ideas.