Day 42- 7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Here’s today’s dress. It’s triple-digit weather these days.

2. Nattie likes to see herself in the camera. These days I’m not having my kids take pictures of me because it became strange to have to ask them every single day. So I figured out how to use the time feature on the camera. Hence lots of kitchen shots!

3. See that pink blanket she’s holding? My entire household would come to a screeching halt if that girl didn’t have that blankey.

4. I don’t do well with transitions. AT ALL. I’m pretty much a separation-anxiety mess ever since my Frannie went back to school. She’s doing just fine. As for me, well…I’m not. (Hmmm…maybe Nattie is more like me than I thought…)

5. Just learned what a RickRoll is. How is it that I’m always behind on everything? If you don’t know what it is, it’s really quite funny. I’m assuming everyone knows what it is since apparently it’s been around since 2008. Very typical that my DAD was the one to fill me in. [Edit: for those who, like me, don’t know what this is!! Here’s some examples.]

Shark pics are SOOOOO SCARY! sorry

See, the joke was even part of the election and I had no idea.

It’s when you get tricked into watching a video and it’s really Rick Astley singing “Never Gonna Give you Up”. It’s ALWAYS Rick Astley’s song and never any other. (BTW, I had no idea he was only 21 when he recorded this. I always thought it was a big older dude singing this song. Great song though! Rick’s got morals. Good WB dance moves too. lol)

6. That’s all I’ve got! Sorry! Only 5 takes.

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6 responses to “Day 42- 7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. I love that dress!

    But I still don’t know what a RickRoll is.

    Visiting from 7QT!

  2. Shannon

    Uh oh … I don’t know what a RickRoll is. :/

  3. Ah, those “blankies”. My daughter’s is the shirt from my nursing pj’s–it and she are seven years old.

  4. Here from Conversion Diary 🙂

    Another GREAT example of a RickRoll (it doesn’t always have to be a video):

    My household would come to a screeching halt if my son didn’t have his red blanket to sleep with. Trust me, I’ve tried once or twice on laundry day, only to give up and run to the dryer and pull out the still-slightly-damp blanket so the baby will just go to sleep already!

  5. jen

    My blankie even went to college with me. Thanks Mom.

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