Day 48- Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real


Frannie has such pretty hair and I’m having fun doing her hair again for school. Mostly I do a ponytail with some kind of an accent twist or braid, then finish with a ribbon. Just something simple that adds a special touch to the hair.


Pretty friends! Courtney is 1/2 way through her pregnancy 🙂

I’m super happy that we’re able to go to our park day again!! The fact that we are all super-coordinated was NOT planned!  Notice ALL the little girls in dresses in the above pic?


This week we were dog-sitting my dad’s dog Archie. I thought it was cute catching this little private moment between Adam and his little doggie. I know the kids were sad to see Archie go home today. (Oh, and thanks to LMLD for encouraging me to spruce up this walk-way. It looks much better now than it did a few weeks ago when it was strewn with kid scooters and push toys. I’m sure my neighbors thank you too :/)


The kids enjoying taking Archie on the morning walk to school. Linking to LMLD. Have a wonderful day!



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6 responses to “Day 48- Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

  1. Love that everyone was in a dress or skirt! So feminine!

  2. I noticed those little girls in dresses right away! So adorable. You are creating a movement! I have been looking at Kohl’s for everyday skirts to wear since I read your posts. I haven’t found the perfect ones yet but you have inspired me!

  3. Dogs and children simply belong together! I have so many pictures of my dog with both of my children, snuggling with them and guarding them as they slept! I’m glad they were able to experience that, if only for a temporary period. =)

  4. I’m curious; have your friends been wearing skirts and dresses more because of your influence? I know since I gave up trousers my mother, who swears she must wear pants most of the time, has begun wearing them more regularly without my prompting. Would you say that kind of change has happened around you?

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