Days 50-52 Catch up!

Happy Monday! It’s been a busy weekend over here  so I’m combining posts. The most fun thing I did this weekend was go to Melinda’s (from Wholesome Womanhood) bridal shower! She’ll be getting married next month.

Her sister Carrie picked me up and of course I asked if she would take a picture with me 🙂

I met Carrie when she and Tim took childbirth classes with me a few years ago. We’ve kept in contact since, especially since she has now become an instructor as well.

Melinda and Carrie are twins. It’s pretty apparent since they did NOT plan their outfits ahead of time:

Isn’t that cute!?

Here are my outfits for the other days:

Have a wonderful day!



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4 responses to “Days 50-52 Catch up!

  1. jen

    yay! i wondered what had happened. (not like i’m the most reliable poster myself…)

  2. That brown outfit is so nice on you! I like the denim skirt outfit too, but for some reason you look so utterly confident in that last photo.

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