Day 53- whoopsie, relapse!

Today was just one of those days. The house gets all messy over the weekend, and I have a bunch of laundry to do. So I was feeling very un-skirty this morning and cheated on my project and wore capris (I put on a nice shirt though!). Gotta be honest.

I know I look all smiley, but really I was pretty disheveled today. I think I drank like 3 cups of coffee which I NEVER do!

Since I like to do PHFR, on Thursdays I figured I’d post a dose of REAL today.

The nice thing about posting stuff on a blog is it keeps you accountable! Here’s the after:

By the end of the day, things were back in order. It took all day, but at least the rest of my week will go better. (I still need to grocery shop though! :/ )

You know what we eat for dinner on days like this? The easiest meal ever… I’ll post that tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day!



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3 responses to “Day 53- whoopsie, relapse!

  1. Hey, 53 days before your first relapse is pretty good! If you relapse every 53 days or so, you’ll only not wear a skirt for seven days…which means only one week out of 52! That’s pretty impressive to this non-skirt-wearer. 🙂

  2. Rebel, breakin’ your own rule! 😉

    I love skirts/dresses and all things feminine but there are just days when all you want are your stretchy yoga pants. (Or in your case, capris.)

  3. I was wondering when it would happen! To be honest, it is not easy to be all skirt-y and feminine with some of the things we women are required to do these days. I decided to rearrange my bedroom without my husbands help and threw on very old jeans to get the job done. I’m glad you decided to ‘fess up though.

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