Day 54- Ok, back on board! And my easy meal

The kids started Mommy and Me preschool this week. The way Adam drags me out the door you’d think we were going to go see trains or something.

I did some more stealth action to get today’s skirt shot. While the kids were playing in the sand, I snuck around the corner and propped my camera on the “sized for tots” table.

Hence, this “take one”

aaand “take two!”

Fine, whatever. “Take three!”

I’m hoping none of the other moms saw what I was doing. “Why is Jamie taking pictures of herself!? That’s weird.” Well, yes it is. I’d have to agree!

Ok, so here is my super easy meal that we make when we have no time and few groceries. Jason’s actually the one who started making this.

Yup. Beans and rice. Heat up the beans. Make some rice (and if you happen to have some cilantro put it right on top while the rice is simmering and it’ll be cilantro-infused rice and that is so much more fancy!) Put some salsa on it, and maybe some cheese if you have it. This is more tasty than it looks and also makes a very good burrito filling if you have some tortillas on hand.

Have a wonderful day!

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3 responses to “Day 54- Ok, back on board! And my easy meal

  1. wholesomewomanhood

    My mom makes a similar beans and rice dish that we all enjoy also. She also adds some kielbasa or some other sausage; it’s really yummy!

    ~ Melinda ~

  2. Ah, beans and rice. I was raised on this food and pancakes. We always keep tortillas on hand for a quick dinner. Nothing like a good quick meal to give momma a break!

  3. Ginger

    That too is my kitchen staple….It’s funny since they love it so much, and I only make it in if in a pinch. My Meema used to make this when I lived with her during College.
    Thanks for the memory that this invoked.


    P.S. I read the next post, and I am also like you, and follow my gut, especially now that I have children. It is a good reminder to women, that we don’t live in the garden anymore.

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