Day 56- A minivan is not an orthopedic shoe

I have a friend who just had her third baby. Three boys 3 and under. Room is tight squeezing those carseats in side-by-side in the backseat of her Camry. She’s been musing over the fact that she thinks they may need a new car.

UHHH…a new car? How about a new VAN!?

To which she proclaims “No! No! No! I could never have a minivan! No! Just no! They’re ugly. They look like a big ol’ bird. (I don’t quite know how they look like birds, but ok). I’ve tried to go all “Price is Right merchandise model” on her and display the features. The rooomy seats. The way the back row folds down and then you have a huge trunk for the marvelous camping trips you’ll all take together.

But still she persists. “No, I’m just not a minivan person. I like my Camry.”

——-Push pause and let me interject something here——-

I don’t know what it is, but there’s nothing I love better than a minivan debate. It seems to ignite the political car fire in people. You either love minivans or hate minivans. Kind of like eggnog.

You’ve probably guessed that I love my minivan (swoooon!) And I simply cannot for the life of me understand how people with kids cannot see the glory that is this vehicle. I don’t get it!!!

——–Push play——-

My turn, “Yes, but you guys won’t be able to go on trips! How will you ever take their friends anywhere?”

She concedes, “That’s true. I can’t even take my mom with us when we’re all together.” But then she goes back to “But it’s so ugly.”

Trying to be fair here, trying for a moment to allow some graciousness for the aesthetics of others, I purpose “Well then get an SUV then.”

“But the gas mileage.”

See now, in my mind this means it’s case closed. You’ll just have to get the minivan. But this is how my brain works. I’ve learned that the brain of a minivan-hater is not like my brain. They have such a deep disdain for the minivan that they can be presented with all of the logical facts (the room, the comfort, the gas mileage) and still it does not add up to “You’ve got to buy this car. It’s the one for you.”

For whatever reason, for some people, buying a minivan is like totally giving up. It’s an orthopedic shoe when you used to wear pumps.

Now, here’s the kicker!!!!!

She just so happened to come over today and this is HER Camry parked next to MY Sienna. It’s practically the same stinkin’ car! Look at the color. The headlights, the design in front whatever that’s called. My van is just a bigger more awesome version of what she already has! LOL. Too much.

As for skirty-ness, I got to see the lovely Carrie (from Wholesome Womanhood– who will start blogging again on Monday!) at the park. She wears skirts all the time, so this is nothing new for her, but is she not the cutest thing ever? Yes she is.

Have a wonderful day!



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6 responses to “Day 56- A minivan is not an orthopedic shoe

  1. Joede

    Sometimes non-minivan people need to experience the convience of a minivan for a few days before they are totally convinced they need one.
    Personally I am not a minivan person. I think they have an identity crisis. Although I own a minivan. Lol! Laugh now its okay!
    I have 6 kids and well there just isn’t enough room. I love the gas milage and the fact that there are no pymts.
    I am what you call a “van” person. I want a 12 passenger to haul my crew and all of our belongings in.
    A minivan does not hold 6 kids 2 adults and 2 weeks of groceries. So, we leave a few at home and fold the seats down.
    I love the convience of two rear doors. I love the convience of folding seats. I love the gas mileage (did I mention that before). I love that it handles like a car.
    So maybe if they made a minivan in an extended edition..stretch limo type, I might be a huge fan.

  2. wholesomewomanhood

    It was so much fun getting to visit with you yesterday. 🙂

  3. ELM

    Hi! Found you from that LMLD blog…

    As for the minivan: Here’s the deal. I was once a “No. Never. NOT ever a minivan.” kind of gal. Then, I had baby #1 and drove an extended cab pickup. Baby #2 on the way and lots of travel to see family meant my dream car, “my new green burly pickup” had to be traded in on a family mobile. I fought for an SUV… a truck chassis with a LOT more space, right? Well… the budget did not include SUV. I did not want a small car. We test drove a rotten ol’ stinky minivan. Took it home overnight. Kind of decided it would be ok if NO ONE EVER called me a “soccer mom.” Drove it for YEARS – fell in love with it over time. Then it was time for a new vehicle. We bought a Tahoe. I hated it. I loved it, but hated it too. I loved how it looked, the gas milage wasn’t great, but I didn’t really care about that – that is so non-green of me, I know. I, however, hated that it had enough room for everyone to sit, but no room for getting groceries unless they were piled around everyone’s feet. the cargo area could get 1 1/2 gallons of milk deep, only. My stroller wouldn’t fit in the cargo hold. Forget about carrying a suitcase! So, 6 months later or maybe a little longer, we got an Expedition EL. LOTS of cargo room, lots of sitting space, lots of gas guzzling, Love was rediscovered. Now? I drive an F-350 dually crew cab pickup with my 4 kids and dog. We are a bit “squished” at times. BUT – we haul our home behind us everywhere we go. We don’t have to load up the inside of our rig when we go on a trip. We don’t need suitcases. All our stuff is in its place where it belongs! IT is kind of freeing, actually!

    Anyway, the deal with the minivan “hate” is the image of the soccer mom, for me anyway. I didn’t want to give up who I was to be seen as only the mom taxi. My kids have tried soccer – it wasn’t their favorite sport, they prefer baseball. My sister knew it bugged me so she called me a soccer mom regularly… just like a sister – do what bothers just to bother! Anywho, it is just that a minivan has an image with it. Trucks, SUVs, cars – they don’t have that kind of image. If you love one kind of grocery getter, it is hard to wrap your head around changing and driving something you just don’t want to “be.” Weird. Yes.

    I eventually did get over the minivan image issue and loved my grocery gettin’ Windstar. But, there was always just a wee little bit of me that felt like I was driving a station wagon on steroids. 😉

  4. You know I share your love of the minivan.

  5. I used to be against the idea of a minivan just because I thought they were ugly and no fun to drive (which was true when I was a kid and minivans first came out, in the early 80s). Then we moved to small-town Maryland where we had an awesome playgroup and were always going places with friends and doing fun stuff…but because we lived in a small town we often had to drive a half-hour, an hour, two hours to a bigger city to get to the fun stuff. And because almost no one in our playgroup had a minivan (the only person who did had an old ratty minivan with no A/C and no radio), we couldn’t carpool to all those places, we had to drive separately, which was no fun! So after we’d lived there about a year, ages before we had a second child, we decided to get a minivan.

    Fast-forward to two months after we bought our Toyota Sienna: I freaking LOVED it. I’d never owned a Toyota before, and had no idea how great they were to drive! Our Sienna has more get-up-and-go than most cars I’ve owned, and it gets pretty good gas mileage too. And there’s so much space! We road tripped from Maryland to Nebraska to visit family the summer after we bought the minivan, and it was SO much more awesome road-tripping in a minivan because of all the space–space to hold our stuff, and personal space for each person! We’re a Navy family and we move cross-country every couple years, and those drives (with four people and two cats and a ton of stuff) are much more enjoyable in the minivan than they were in a car.

    We’ve had our Sienna for almost six years now and I still love it. I miss driving a car sometimes, but that’s mostly because our other car is a stick-shift and I love driving those. Overall, I’m so much happier with a minivan than I thought I’d be. (And for the record, my husband was ready to buy a minivan when I was pregnant with our oldest! He’s smart.)

  6. I have your minivan. LOVE it! Had to get over the soccer mom thing. Now I just unload my personal homeschooling soccer team (and our goat 🙂 ) and let people think what they want. I can seat eight comfortably and have room for a weeks worth of stuff in the cargo area. Plus, I like being a big mama on the road. When I ride in a car now I feel like I am gonna get squished like a bug.

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