Day 61- That mom in preschool who wears skirts

That’s me.

Being sneaky with my camera's self-timer at preschool again.

And for my Tuesday crock-pot meal, I’m starting off strong with chuck roast yummyness.

Chuck roast, garlic, salt, 1/2 can of beef consume, bit of red wine. Set on low. At the end add some mushrooms and fresh ital. parsley. Serve with rice.

Linked to What I Wore Wednesday and Real Momma, Real Style

Have a wonderful day!



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6 responses to “Day 61- That mom in preschool who wears skirts

  1. wholesomewomanhood

    That skirt is absolutely gorgeous! Please say that you got it somewhere recently…so that I can get myself one! 🙂

    And you’re just making me hungry with that picture of your dinner. I was thinking about buying a roast this week…now I really want to. 🙂

    • Thanks Melinda! It’s a thrift store skirt though. Sorry. But I bet your local thrift has something cute. I WAS going to make pork this week, but the roast is on sale at Stater Bros. That’s why I’m hoping the “cooking method” meal planning works for me so that I can be flexible in making last-minute changes to the “plan”.

  2. Venus

    Love your blog, and love all your skirts. I started wearing skirts and dresses only when I hit the good age of 50……..I’ve always wore them, but sometimes pants also. I feel much better in skirts and dresses, but mostly skirts, you have more outfits that way. I love the Lord, and feel what a privilege to be a lady…….

    • Dwayne

      Venus, maybe you can encourage my mother, who’s 57 and acts like females who only, or at least mostly, wear skirts and dresses like they’ve done something to her, to follow in your footsteps. Also, by wearing skirts and dresses, you are obeying Dt. 22:5.

  3. Great outfit! So you have been wearing skirts all year? I did a dresses-and-skirts challenge and wore only dresses for a month. At the end of it, I was tired of it. I thought I liked the way they felt much more than I did.

    And now, every time I wear a dress or skirt, I have that same “why am I wearing this?” feeling. Not sure why. Maybe it’s the whole maxi thing because they all have been maxis. Anyway, I haven’t figured it out yet…

    • Well, I did miss one day. And in the evening I usually change into cotton workout pants. But yes, for 60 days so far I’ve been in a skirt or dress and plan to continue for a year. Previously I wore pants or shorts about 360 days of the year. Why do pants feel “normal” and skirts “abnormal”? Why are pants the default mode of dress and why does wearing a dress make me feel “too girly” when I am in fact a girl!? These are the questions (and a few more) that got me trying this experiment. I’ve written about both the positive and negative parts of skirt wearing in the last few weeks. Thanks for visiting me!

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