Day 63- Ahoy thar mateys!

I didn’t do a Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real post yesterday because I feel like I’ve used up all my stuff this week! So I’m combining PHFR and 7 Quick Takes. Is that wrong?

1. My {Pretty} would be my hiking trip.

2. But I did make bread today, so that can be pretty too. And it makes my husband suuuuper happy. (Seriously, the way to my man’s heart is through bread. And a clean house.)

3. Feeling silly about posing in the park. I can’t believe Sonja actually got this picture!

4. The shoes

5. This brings me to my {Real} portion. Anyone happen to know of a less-toxic remedy for a wart? Nattie has a small wart under her eye (the portion that looks like a little pimple) and the doctor said she didn’t want to remove it with liquid-nitrogen due to the proximity to her eye. The concern with leaving it is that warts can spread. Anyways, she told me to use a product called Compound W but somehow the stuff spread to the surrounding skin (probably via Natalie touching it) and it has burned her skin because that stuff is like acid 😦 So now we don’t really know what to do.

6. Since I’m being a bit of a downer, I’ll just continue on in that mode! I’m still really missing my girl at school. I’m sort of used to it, I guess. But mostly I’m not and I miss not having her for the majority of the day. I think about homeschooling all of the time, but then yesterday she says to me, “I’m so glad I have school now because it’s boring at home!” I’m glad she’s enjoying herself, but I’m still sulky about it!

7. And finally… do you ever feel like your house is too small? Well, to cure you of this thought, I wanted to repost a video that the blogger Writing to Save my Husband’s Sanity put up. I think I’ve watched this four times now. Unbelievable!

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Have a wonderful day!



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18 responses to “Day 63- Ahoy thar mateys!

  1. Yes! Cover the wart with duct tape! Seriously! 🙂

    You could always cover the tape with a small bandage since it’s on her face, if you wanted.

    • Wow. I have never heard of this. Do you know how long it would take to go away? I’m not sure if Nattie would tolerate tape on her face. The article says that many warts spontaneously go away after two years so perhaps we should just leave it alone and take the wait and see approach. I feel so so terrible that her skin got burned like that!

  2. The duct-tape cure has been around for a long time. I had a wart when I was in college (so, almost 20 years ago now!) that I used Compound W to get rid of, but I remember someone asking me if I’d tried duct tape.

    Maybe you could just try taping it at night? Maybe that would help it go away faster. Or maybe you could use a gentler medical tape?

  3. Oh, and I think the article said it takes about a week.

  4. Gems

    Hi, I found this blog and am enjoying reading it! 🙂 But for a wart, I don’t know if you have it in the U.S, but in Australia, we’ve always used something called Swedish Bitters. It’s a liquid found at natural shops and works pretty quickly (within a couple of weeks mine disappeared completely.) You just dab it on with a cotton bud regularly and cover it with a bandaid. Works wonders! Good luck 🙂

  5. I enjoyed your post and watched the video. Something so appealing about a small dwelling — remember Mr. Toad and his caravan!

    Use the duct tape on the wart and also give her lots of things to stimulate her immune system — lots of vitamin D and being in the sun!

    And you look very cute in your playground dress!

  6. My 6 yo had SEVERAL warts on his fingers that were not going away, we tried Compund W, Dr. Scholl’s, the freezing stuff, etc., and NOTHING worked. We finally used apple cider vinegar put on w/ a q-tip and covered it w/ a band-aid. Changed it about every 10 hours (in the a.m. and at night, pretty much) and the BIGGEST ones were gone in about five days. WOO HOO! Good luck 🙂

  7. San

    I don’t know if you do homeopathy but the homeopathic remedy Thuja works a treat. It’s in easy dissolve tablet form so no compresses/ointment.

    Hope you find something that works

    San x

  8. I love that you used the funny photo I took. 🙂

  9. Try those wart discs. They are salacylic acid (aspirin) and work really well. The disc is about the size of an eraser head, and there is a little bandage to go over it to prevent little fingers touching the area. Leave it on for 48 hours, the area will get white and then the wart should clear up after a while. Dr. Scholl’s makes it.

  10. Yeah for homeschooling! If you actually did it you would most likely get involved with the local homeschool community and have more of a problem finding time to stay home and do school than being bored at home. 😉

  11. I have been homeschooilng for the past six years (oldest is now 11, then have a 9 and 6 yo in the mix with two more down the line who are now 2 and 5 months.) Have to say that my confidence has really (ahem) Never been there but in the end I can see that they know what they need to (and THEN SOME!) and that we’re doing okay. It can be a little bit of a scary ride but for the trade off it’s worth it in our area of the country.

  12. Pam

    I’d like to say that the little house video is quite interesting! As an owner of an RV, though, I wonder – where are the tanks for the grey water and the dreaded black water? I mean – where do the sinks, shower and potty drain? AND, on the video, the woman who is “learning to use power tools” and pushing a board through a table saw should NOT be using her HAND! There are pushing devices designed for that so as to save fingers! Just sayin….

  13. Gail

    Our pediatrician recommended apple cider vinegar to get rid of my daughter’s wart. I laughed when she suggested it, but it worked beautifully.

  14. julie

    My mom used to put a piece of onion on ours and they went away…however, onion might be a little ahem! smelly on the face. I don’t think any homeschooling mom is over confident, I think a little fear makes you know you take your child’s education seriously…no matter what mode you choose for school.

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