Day 64- A bit on slips

Of course if you are going to be wearing skirts you need to invest in a slip or two. My favorite is a mid-length slip like this one. I’m wearing one like this with today’s skirt.

However, someone once mentioned in the comments that she didn’t like wearing skirts because it made her thighs chafe. Anyways, I found these petti-pants and think they are the perfect solution!

I may buy some myself, just because they are a bit more modest than a slip. Sometimes I’m still not 100% sure that I’m fully covering myself when I bend down or something with the kids. I think I’m ok, but having a garment like this would probably make me feel more secure. I’ve tried the ASSETS brand Shapewear for this problem, but I really really hate feeling like a sausage in casing. Part of what I LOVE about wearing skirts is the free, easy, comfortable feeling. Wearing shapewear underneath totally ruins that. Anyways, yesterday I was forced to wear the dreaded shapewear because of the length of the dress and the fact that I was at the park and would be pretty active.

Have a wonderful day!



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6 responses to “Day 64- A bit on slips

  1. Love it that you are wearing skirts, I love skirt, then I don’t own a trousers,

    • Dwayne

      Rose, I wish more females were like you! For a female to wear trousers or shorts is the same as a male to wear skirts and dresses.

  2. I love pettipants & am so glad to have discovered them (I’m way up into the plus sizes and wear skirts or dresses most of the time). Bike shorts can also work in the same way, as do tights. This time of year, I love wearing cable-knight tights with shorter skirts and dresses to fight the chill, and I also wear them to give more coverage under shorter skirts (like the 2 dresses I recently bought without realizing they had a 4 inch slit up the back of a knee-length skirt!).

  3. I found some little shorts made out of hosiery type fabric, which are not tight like spanx. They come in several colors, I have nude and black. They are very comfy, not as long or bulky as bike shorts. The brand is niki bikki and i found them at a little boutique near me. Not sure if you could find online but I love them. What’s great is the store clerks are college students and they were saying how they love them. Made me feel good to meet modest college girls, lol!

  4. Amanda

    Pettipants are fabulous! Not thick and hot, just right.

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