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Day 92- Long tunic with leggings

I’ve never worn a tunic before, but a friend gave me this and I love it! It is perfect paired with thick leggings. I’ll be finding more of these for sure!

Jason's funny. He says I should be "doing" something during my pictures. So he handed me a trowel. See...I'm "gardening". lol

Have a wonderful day!



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Day 91- Fascinating Womanhood

Have you read Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood? You can see a free online version here. I found out about this book from Lori Alexander’s blog where she is doing a post for each chapter in the book. I must admit that when I read some of the advice, I have a strange reaction. Almost like a simultaneous “Really? So that’s the answer?” to “Oh give me a break!”  But I’m reading it and thinking about it (and trying to suspend some of my knee-jerk reactions) because my marriage could use a bit of a tune-up and I sense that there is quite a bit I can do. Just because I may not agree with EVERYTHING doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot I can learn.

Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood is a book full of old-school advice. Probably the kind of advice that ladies would learn in charm school back in the day. If there is an area in your marriage you know could be improved, this book may have something interesting for you to think about and apply.

Have a wonderful day!


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Day 90- Halloween Party Time!

I got lots of compliments on this dress 🙂

I love Halloween! It’s such a super-fun holiday and I like that there are no participation requirements. You can go as big or as little with it as you want.

When I was a kid I loved dressing up, carving our pumpkin, and trick-or-treating. When I got older I loved going to Universal Studios and getting super scared! It was pretty thrilling! (I actually think it is a healthy thing to face fears on a superficial “pretend” level.)

Now that I have children of my own I want them to have fun Halloween memories. Unfortunately in my neighborhood the trick-or-treating is almost non-existent. Most families go to the older neighborhoods with the big super-decorated houses for their trick-or-treating so it means that around here we can knock on six doors before we get someone to open. Ho hum. No fun. So I decided to throw a Halloween party this year for our friends.

Sorry, for privacy purposes I can’t post many pictures! But here’s a safe one of the kids crafting at our dining room table.

We had a jumper of course. I never throw a party without a jumper because I want all of that “running around” kid energy outside of the house!

Because of All Saints Day on Nov 1, Halloween is when all the spirits and ghouls come out and you dress like them and play like them so that they pass you by. Almost like, “I’m not afraid of you! Ha!” So I’ve never had any sort of personal conflict over the holiday.

Have a wonderful day!


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Day 89- 8:30am/8:30pm

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It ain’t pretty


Someone isn’t a morning person… It’s terrible! I actually drove my daughter to school looking this way (hence why I’m wearing my husband’s big sweater). Fuzzy slippers and all.


I just got home from a quickie shopping trip to Trader Joes.

Should I make some sort of October Resolution? The “I will wake up before the family darnit!” resolution? I’m the last one up. Jason gets up first at 6am. Then it’s Adam, then Frannie, Natalie, then their dear ol’ mother rolls herself out at 7am when Jason leaves for work. I should be that mom that is up first! That’s the right way! 5:30am. Get up. Get a little walk/run workout in. Start the day off right. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, right?

Or should I say, well Jamie, we can’t all be perfect. You’re a good mom. A good enough housekeeper. A good enough cook. A nice friend. A nice wife. Must you also be a morning person? You will likely fail at your mission to wake up at 5:30am. Why not just be content to roll out at 7am?

Thoughts? Are you a morning person? Are you up before your family?


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Day 88- Good news! Update on Qubo

Thank you to those of you who wrote in to Qubo Channel last week. Our stink made a difference! (Well, at least for now…) I voiced my concern again on the Qubo FB page because I saw the commercial aired again. They wrote back, “Qubo made a technical mistake. The ad is being pulled. Thank you for voicing your concerns. We value your feedback.
Thank you.”

Please let me know if you happen to see it. I don’t fully trust the station anymore since why would they think it ok to have that commercial on there in the first place? But I am happy if it really is being permanently pulled…although I remain skeptical.

An update on the Kohl’s situation: I called and left messages with my area’s District Manager four times and haven’t heard back. So I spoke with the operator and apparently she is on vacation and will be back next week. Since the Candies brand is carried nationwide and is not specific to my regional store I’m mostly concerned with getting the appropriate contact information from her as to where to further my complaint.  I’ll let you know when I find out.


Have a wonderful day!




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Days 84-87- Circle of Life

Lots has been going on in my neck of the woods.

I went to a wedding! This is Melinda from Wholesome Womanhood. (Doesn’t she look so beautiful in that dress?) I met her sister Carrie a few years ago when she took Bradley classes with me. Then Melinda and I met! I’m a gal who always has an opinion about something and I’m a problem-solver by nature, so when she was frustrated about being ready for marriage but not meeting anyone I sent her some links for Christian online dating sites. (Because that’s what I do. I’m a link-sender.) Well, don’t you know that the internet is a beautiful thing? Why yes it is. Here’s her man Jason and they met on Christian Mingle earlier this year. (I know that if I was at a certain age and wasn’t meeting the right potential people I would TOTALLY do the same thing! Not everyone meets their future spouse while working together at Carl’s Jr. after all.) I’m so delighted for them and I think they make such a handsome couple.

Their wedding is only the SECOND religious wedding I’ve ever been to. Hard to believe I know. I have been to very few weddings because I lost touch with high school friends and all of the friends I made in my later college and after-college years were already married with kids. So I sort of skipped the whole life transition of being invited to friends weddings and baby showers and such. The few weddings I have been to have been very secular with nice garden locations (even a car museum) but the focus isn’t on God. This was! And it was lovely! Jason and Melinda I know it is your desire to show others Christ’s love through your marriage and I want you to know that Jason and I both felt ministered to being in the presence of your lovely heartfelt wedding. Thank you for having us!

I forgot to take a pic on Sunday! Where’s my brain? This was from today. But here’s the thing, there has been tragedy in my church family because one of our members was 8 months pregnant and her baby was born with severe cerebral palsy. She’s been alive for two weeks but I found out after Melinda’s wedding that the baby passed away. I am coordinating meal delivery for the family with the church members and then a few hours after church I was called to be with one of my Bradley couples as they transferred out of the birth center to the hospital for a labor that didn’t progress. I was with her for part of the night and it was a loooooong (the longest I’ve ever been a part of) 72 hour labor for her. I was only there for about 8 hours of it to help her settle in and help the family as they got comfortable with the new staff and such. Praise GOD she was able to deliver that baby!!  I may be able to post a pic or two tomorrow since I’m going back to the hospital to see them. But I’m very careful about the pics I post because I don’t want to breach anyone’s privacy.

Tomorrow is the funeral for my church friend’s baby.

A wedding. A funeral.

A birth. A death.

These past four days have been an emotional circle of life. Praise God that He’s with us through all of these moments.


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Day 84- Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

Let’s play, “See if you can find the hidden baby.”

Did you find him? Camouflage!

My days always go better when friends come over. And that makes me {Happy}!

Now let’s play “Find the little critter who wanted to join the party.”

Ah ha! There you are! Had to be quick and catch this little guy in a cup. I just can’t hold wiggly things like this in my bare hands. Willies! {Real}

{Funny} Jason draws a new silly picture on Frannie’s lunch bag every day.


And lastly, here I am with the girls. They like to get in on picture time. I need some more pictures of Adam on here! Poor guy is getting left out.

Little Nattie put those Thomas the Tank Engine jammie pants on All By Herself. Big girl!

Have a wonderful day!

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