Day 65- Heart-shaped hairstyle for girls

Today we went to a baby shower and birthday party. My girl chose a cute dress with hearts all over it, so I figured it was a good day for hearts in her hair!

Here’s how to do it: (and btw, you can find this on other hair blogs too, so this isn’t original!)

Insert a small topsy-tail tool from the back

Split the hair and twist each piece away from the other

Bring the pieces together and secure

Bring both sides into the center ponytail. You may need to adjust the hearts a bit. Add a bow and hairspray!

She's a happy girl!

Here’s today’s skirt:

Have a wonderful day!


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One response to “Day 65- Heart-shaped hairstyle for girls

  1. Anabelle

    Your girl looks so like you! I love the beautiful way you do her hair. I’d love to be allowed to do something similar to my daughter but she refuses to let me do more than brush it! In fact, she’s very keen to chop it short like her brothers’ so she wouldn’t even have to brush it anymore.

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