Day 67- So I should probably change the name of this blog

To A Year in Thrift Store Skirts. I stopped by my thrift store again today and got two “new” ones. It’s not that I have anything against buying new clothes! In fact, I almost never purchase a shirt at a thrift store. But it seems that virtually all of the skirts I’ve been buying and wearing are from my good ol’ neighborhood thrift. (Truth be told I am a little bit cheap frugal, and I get a buzz from getting two skirts for $7.) Like I’ve said before, you’d be surprised at the good condition you’ll find because people don’t really wear their skirts.

Today’s skirt was purchased thrift a year or two ago. I’ll probably wear one of my “new” ones tomorrow.

Busy busy today. I almost forgot to take my picture! It was 4:30 and I had just served the kids dinner.

I did my grocery shopping this morning after I dropped the Franster off at school. And I had my little “cooking method” meal plan in my head and it worked!

So this is what I came up with at the store:

Monday- chicken, mashed potatoes, peas, biscuits

Tuesday- Pavo Chon (which is just crockpot pork with garlic, salt, oregano, and pimiento olives)

Weds- leftovers

Thurs- spaghetti

Friday- probably leftovers (although I have some frozen fish if I need it)

Sat- eat out

Sunday- hamburgers

I realize that real meal-planners sit down BEFORE they get to the store, but this is me and I’m not a real meal-planner. But this is a GOOD FIRST STEP!

Edit to add: I just saw Carrie’s meal plan. She’s a true meal-planning rock-star and she put up recipe links and everything. AND I’d like to mention that she is 23 years old, which doesn’t mean much except that when I was 23 I had zero homemaking skills. She’s a really neat gal! This is what happens when girls are taught how to do stuff from a young age. (Ahem, Carrie, maybe you should do a blog post about how you learned your homemaking skills.)

Have a wonderful day!



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2 responses to “Day 67- So I should probably change the name of this blog

  1. wholesomewomanhood

    You are too funny Jamie! Meal planning is just a skill learned from necessity for me. I get tired of peanut butter and jelly, so I have to plan more variety. 🙂

  2. Yikes! I do meal plan which really helps keep costs down, but it’s a great deal more loose than Carrie’s meal planning. I usually sort out what dinners I want to make each day of the week and then write ideas for breakfast and lunch without assigning them specific days. It works for me because I can change up the menu should the day prove warmer or cooler than expected. No sense in serving chilly children who have been playing outside in the rain peanut butter sandwiches when I have risotto or soup fixings as well.

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