Day 68- Seasonal Color Theory

I got a sweet comment from Rachel awhile ago when I posted these two outfits, “That brown outfit is so nice on you! I like the denim skirt outfit too, but for some reason you look so utterly confident in that last photo.”

I thought that was really interesting because in the first photo my hair is all done and I have some make up on. In the second photo it is early in the morning, my hair is just back and I have on zero make up.

So how is it that I could look BETTER in the second photo?

Well, it’s Seasonal Color Theory at work, that’s what it is.

If you’re not familiar with Seasonal Color Theory well you should be sister! It is true that you will improve your appearance by brightening your face, reducing the appearance of shadows and blemishes, and bring attention to the color of your eyes and hair. Wearing certain colors brings your overall coloring into harmony.

Even though I’ll wear it anyways sometimes, white and light blue are not great colors on me. Brown, on the other hand, is one of my colors and my appearance is more in harmony when I wear it. I’m a Deep Autumn on the color spectrum.

I encourage you to check out Carole Jackson’s book Color Me Beautiful and THEN read more about the expanded color seasons. Jackson detailed just four seasons in the 80’s and things have changed since then, but her book is still very interesting! (Note: reading about this topic may render you completely incapable of buying a sweater.)

This article had a really good self-test to figure out your season. This one has some pictures for examples. If that gives you trouble (and let’s face it, it probably will), you may want to consider having your coloring professionally analyzed and they’ll give you a book of color swatches that you can take with you when you shop. (Or just annoy your husband to death by asking him constantly which color is better “this?” or “THIS?”)

Being a Deep Autumn, I look best in the deepest shades of the Autumn palette. Dark brown, red, teal, deep coral. I can also handle some Winter shades although they tend to be a bit too strong for my coloring. In general it’s better for me to have deeper colors near my face than lighter. If I go lighter, then I have to be careful about the shade, and I definitely need more make up (especially some lip color and possibly blush) to not look too washed out. I will also sometimes choose a necklace or earrings that have a pop of color if I’m wearing a shirt I think is washing me out.

My daughter Francesca, is a Winter. I used to think she was an Autumn until one day she was wearing this dress with bold bright purple and white and pink flowers that was just a “bam!” of color and her skin just looked so beautiful. Winter colors make her skin glow. THAT’S when you know you’re in the right palette.

Today’s outfit- Pink is ok for Deep Autumns because our coloring slides into the Winter palette. I know this isn’t one of my “best” colors, but I really love this shirt! I guess at the end of the day we all just wear whatever we want, don’t we?

One of my new thrift store skirts that I bought yesterday

Have a wonderful day!



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5 responses to “Day 68- Seasonal Color Theory

  1. I’ve tried to figure out my color palette, yet every time I get all confused. My mother was the one who finally told me to relax, I looked good in most colors. There are only a few colors that I look terrible in, like mustard or olive green. Sometimes it’s a process of elimination.

    • Even though I’m an Autumn, I look absolutely horrible in mustard and orange even though those should be key colors for me. I think those only look good on redheads! I handle olive green ok, but in general I just don’t like the way green looks on me.

  2. jen

    which is your local thrift shop? i used to go to the goodwill at the corner of foothill and garey when i lived down there.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me the links for sites that encourage women no matter their weight. I have been pulling my skirts out more often as my post-pregnancy weight has evened out again.

    I haven’t read that book since the 80s! Now that I know it’s updated, I’ll have to take a second look. I am a fashion not-so-much most of the time and having the idea of being a “season” sure helped when I was younger…


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