Day 69- PHFR- with lots of Funny and Real

I was able to capture lots of moments this week.

Pretty and Real

Check out the bees in our little tree! I’d like to find someone who can take them. The bee populations around here aren’t doing so well. It sort of stinks that anywhere bees want to be they get zapped. There are so few places they can really build their hives.

Happy and Real

Frannie totally kicked my butt at Memory today. Those are my cards in the middle. I have no idea how she can remember where those dang cards are!

The latest game around here is everyone getting careened around the house in a mini shopping cart.


I love the silly ways that kids can fall asleep.


Can you believe this girl?

—–Outfit of the Day—

Multi-tasking. Talking with the Sonj, taking my pic, and Nattie’s coming my way. It rained all day today!

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Have a wonderful day!



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14 responses to “Day 69- PHFR- with lots of Funny and Real

  1. I love that denim skirt – pretty and goes with everything.

  2. Ohh, we’ve had coloring on the couch too 😦 It’s funny how pleased they are with themselves no matter where they color.

  3. Just found your blog and wanted to write you a quick note! You are very inspiring! Here I am a 43 (43?? how did that happen?) wife and mother and you are totally inspiring me! I am a sahm and I have always been frumpy, fat and hardly ever feel pretty anymore.
    Now, the fat part is totally my fault and I need to work on that! I am loving the skirt “deal” I have always loved loved the look of skirts but because I am short (5 ft) I have never wore them…and that cankle thing I got going on.
    I have never had a “style” and I do like to be modest so I am mostly in capris..I am going to give this more thought and keep reading your blog for inspiration!!
    Have a great day!

    • Thanks Libby! There is a wonderful blog called mommagoround.blogspot that has fashions modeled by a bigger woman. She’s just a mom, and like me, decided to take pictures of herself and post them. She’s much cuter than I am though and I find her inspiring too. Check her out!

  4. Michelle

    We had ink pen on the back of our brandnew couch years ago. Luckily the best thing I ever bought was a slipcovered couch. Not a slipcover over a couch but each individual cushion is slipcovered even the big part that goes over the whole entire couch. So I left the ink for a couple months terrified of trying anything in case I made it worse. Eventually I just figured it couldn’t get worse! and I threw it in the washer and it came out perfect. =) Like I said, it’s the best thing I’ve ever bought!

  5. How is it that some people’s children fall asleep anywhere? My children never do that! I’ve seen so many pictures of babies and toddlers dropping off in odd places and in strange positions, yet that never happens at our house. What do you do, make them run laps to wear them out?

  6. Bethanne

    I admire your year-in-skirts endeavor. I like seeing which day you’re on when I visit from PHFR. Day 69–exciting! That couch! Oh, the humanity!

  7. I discovered your blog today and had to write in. Just spent a lovely hour browsing through your pictures. I am so inspired by your idea and it made me feel so happy and light, just considering doing such a thing. I was unhappy all day yesterday simply because I was wearing a pair of too tight, uncomfortable jeans. I felt that I had wasted the day by focusing so much on a small thing, but it really threw me off.
    I loved wearing my school uniform as a child, which was a wonderful plaid pleated skirt. I’m looking forward to recapturing that feeling, as well as my femininity, by trying out the skirt project! My goal is for two weeks and it starts tomorrow! And I live in southern California too, so I’m looking forward to visiting your blog for inspiration, especially when it rains, as it did yesterday.
    Again, I am so grateful to you for sharing such an eye opening idea and your blog is so gentle and positive.
    Thank you so much!

  8. Jennifer3

    Found you today from LMLD.l What a cute blog (and clothing!) idea! I love seeing your different outfits. Now I feel like putting on one of my skirts AND going and hitting some thrift stores… but with 4 little ones that just never seems to happen 🙂 Maybe one of these days!

  9. Oh, I wish my husband could go get your bees! They are probably gone now, but you can call your town and they will send a beekeeper out to capture them. And once a swarm goes to a certain place, there is likely to be another swarm there next time, so now you know! Even the police will know who to call. Just don’t let anyone kill them. Maybe you should start your own hive 😉

  10. A beekeeper came and took them!

  11. I am secretly a skirt-lovin’ gal, too!

    I think I have that same couch…is it red? I also have the cushions flipped b/c of various kid-stuff that has happened to it over the years.

    My son also took a pen to our leather couch.

    Oh well, new furniture will be coming my way in maybe 15 years…not so long : )

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