Day 71- 7 Quick Takes

1. This may be the season of the Perpetual Denim Skirt what with it being colder and all. Forgive me if you see the same three skirts over and over again. I promise a different shirt!

2. The shoes. I likey!

3. I have this thing with birdhouses. I like to buy the natural wood ones and paint them. Well as you can see I ran out of space up above my windows. But “A ha!” an idea came to me which enables me to buy and paint MORE birdhouses.

Seasonal birdhouses!

4. Adam was very impressed with his tower this morning and asked me to take a picture.

5. Remember when I was going to the hospital to give birth classes to a mom on bedrest? Well, she just had her baby last night! It’s a miracle that she went full term and had a smooth delivery. I’m pretty shocked about it and sooo happy for her given all that she has been through with past pregnancies. I hope nursing and postpartum go well for her.

6. In more baby news, my internetty friend Tracey (who is an amazing quilter) just had her baby girl and her vbac! She really went through a lot and I’m so glad it all worked out for her.

7. And in even more baby news, tomorrow I get to visit my friend Lauren and her kiddos! She just posted her new baby Helena’s birth story if you like to read such things. She has a cool 4-3-2-1 thing going on. Fourth baby, third vbac, second daughter, first homebirth! Neat huh?

Linked to 7 Quick Takes Friday

Have a wonderful day!



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5 responses to “Day 71- 7 Quick Takes

  1. Love the shoes! Thanks for the love. 🙂

    Congrats to the new mama and the vbac! Woo! Another angel gets it’s wings…;)

  2. San

    Lovely news about “your mama” and her baby.

    Thanks to you I’ve been thrift store hunting for skirts and tops!! For winter warmth you cannot beat, thick cotton tights and boots!!

    San xx

  3. those are CUTE shoes! love that color too.

  4. Anne

    What brand are your shoes and where did you get them? I love them!

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