Day 73- CicLAvia!

This afternoon Jason took me to a fun event in downtown Los Angeles called CicLAvia. Over the years advocacy for cycling has grown and specifically folks are working to influence politicians and city planners to make the streets safer and more feasible for bicycle-travel. For the third time this year the streets of downtown Los Angeles were shut down to most car-travel and cyclists from all over took to the streets to ride a 7 mile path through the heart of the city.

It was FUN!

Alright, alright, alright. So you know I gotta wear my skirt. I got to wear some sparkly slip-ons too!

Underneath I wore these grey leggings. They’re hosiery material so not too hot. BUT when you’re riding in a skirt and the wind goes WHOOSH! you best have some leggings on! Good call Jamie. Good call.

The REAL awesomeness of the day was riding with this guy.

My hubby is a total bike nut enthusiast. He drew up the plans for this tall bike and had a guy at work weld it together. It was like being with a celebrity or something the way people would call out to him. Let me tell you, if you want to create a bit of joy in the world, do something wacky like ride around the streets of Los Angeles in a really big bike. Smiles and happiness will ensue.

It wasn’t just Jason though that made people smile, of course, it was this:

just so many people having a good time on a hot day. There were all walks of life: young, old, in-shape, out-of-shape, hippies, college-folk, and oh yeah…

Protesters camping out in front of City Hall as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. So we grabbed a sign.

Now in the background of all this fun, was a bit of a marriage lesson for me. Because I almost didn’t go. You see, I’m not much of a biking gal. And sometimes I can get a tad perturbed at the amount of time my dear husband spends riding on the weekends. If I think about it intellectually it’s all ok. (He has long commutes to and from work. He works in an office with no windows. He leaves at 7am and is home at 6pm. Doesn’t a man like this deserve and NEED some time in the sunshine amongst nature and guy-pals doing something healthy for his body? Of course he does.) But sometimes emotionally I get annoyed wishing we were doing something together, or annoyed that I’m home with the kids like I am every single day of my life.

So when Jason asked about getting babysitting for the kids and me coming with him to this event, I almost said “Nah.” My inner-brat thought “Oh, so NOW you want to do something with me. Lucky me. Well maybe I don’t really want to go with YOU.”

Isn’t that terrible!?

(BTW, the hiking thing we did was because we didn’t celebrate our anniversary in August. There are looong stretches of us not really going anywhere.)

But I stifled the brat, and said “ok”.

And I’m so glad I went and got to experience Los Angeles in a way I never have before. I’m glad I got to share Jason’s hobby with him and be there to hear the hollers and see the surprise of people as they pointed to my guy and said “Hey! It’s a tall bike!” or asking him “How do you get on?” “How do you stop?” “How do you get off?” “Did you make it!?” “I want one!” It was really cute. And it was a fun day.

Have a wonderful day!



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6 responses to “Day 73- CicLAvia!

  1. It’s hard to stifle that inner brat, but I’m so glad you did! Looks like a really fun day. (And how DOES he get on?!)

  2. Shannon

    Love, love, love this post. Full of good, jolly fun and enjoyment of your marriage. And what you communicated to him by stifling the “inner brat” (LOL) and spending the day WITH him doing something HE loves is that YOU LOVE HIM SO MUCH … and he’s a lucky guy to have a great gal like you. I bet he felt like a million bucks. 🙂

    And now I want to know …

    “How do you get on?”
    “How do you stop?”
    “How do you get off?”


  3. Mama Benedikt

    Just curious…how close do you live to Simi Valley? (my home) I just started following you from via the Quick Takes List. I am very much enjoying your posts. We have an 8 month-old son, Benedikt. If you live close, it would be nice to meet up at a park or…. 🙂 please feel free to email me

  4. Pretty much your best post! Glad you didn’t let your “inner brat” rob you of a beautiful day…Looks so fun!

  5. So glad I’m not the only one with ‘inner brat’ tendencies!!!! You guys are a super-cute couple!! by the way, how did he get on that bike???

  6. I commute to work via bicycle and was worried about how my transition to skirts would work out. Other than a one skirt that is too long I can wear all of my skirts while riding. Most of my skirts aren’t nearly as flowing as the one you are wearing in this post, but I do have some leggings though that help with modesty when the need be as well as when the weather cools down.

    The skirt from this post is the perfect length of skirt though, in my humble opinion. Modest, but not to be tripped over. I can’t stand it when I have to pick up my skirt to climb stairs, for example, because sometimes my hands are full when I am coming up the stairs!

    Looked like a very fun time. I’m glad the inner brat didn’t get the best of you so that you could share the day together.

    Thanks for posting and have a great day!

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