Day 76- Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real


Today my friend Natasha came over.  I’ve mentioned before that she’s a skirts/dresses kind of gal and always has been. (She wears pants too, but they’re definitely not a wardrobe crutch like they always were for me.)

Here she is with her oldest daughter. Our girls have been friends since they were babies and are exactly two months (to the day) apart in age 🙂

Natasha is in the midst of trying to sell her house. If you could offer up a whisper of a prayer for her and her husband so they can get the thing SOLD I know they’d appreciate it! It’s super hard to have a home “show ready” when you have a family and it’s been about 5 months. They’re tired! They’d like to move!


Oh dear. Jason is happy. Here’s why…

Yes it is what it appears to be. He taught our 2 1/2 year old to ride a bicycle. He is very overachieverish about this and taught Adam just as young. I cringe a bit inside seeing as how she’s just a baby and is only mostly potty-trained and still likes to have her “ba ba” to go to sleep. And yet, he knows what he’s doing and can get a wee one to learn to ride. Tomorrow I’ll share how he does this.


This really isn’t funny to me. It seems that I have a picture like this to show almost every week! She’s destructive I tell you! Destructive! (This occurred while Natasha and I were chatting downstairs.)

Just imagine the minty-fresh scent.

Here’s my outfit for the day:

Continuing on with the brown and blue theme, albeit subtly.

It’s back to being super hot around here! The seasons in California are always fluctuating. Last week it was cold and rained all day and here we are today with 100 degree weather and the A/C is back on. Such is life.

Linking to Like Mother, Like Daughter of course!

And I’d like to take a moment to say a big THANK YOU to those of you who stop by. Your words and presence have made (and continue to make) this project a lot of fun for me.

Have a wonderful day!



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10 responses to “Day 76- Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

  1. Hi Stopping over from Like Mother, Like Daughter for the first time. I really enjoyed your post- so authentic! We’ve all been there with the toothpaste- I liked seeing it happening somewhere else:) Intrigued by the dresses- will have to come back to consider…
    Have a great week!

  2. Last year, our then-20-month-old daughter got into the stamp pads… I blogged about our experience too 🙂

  3. I have always prefered a dress or a skirt to pants,even as a child, I am short though so my favs all end up being to long, I have hemming. I love the brown and blue dress, looks good on you.

  4. wholesomewomanhood

    Looking forward to “hearing” how Jason teaches your children to ride bikes. I think Carter would love to learn!

  5. I have a new motto: If there must be a sticky, gooey mess let it always be minty fresh. Thanks for the smile.

  6. Lol on the toothpaste caper!

    I have twins, and even when they were very small, they worked as a team. One stood in front of the other while they drew on the walls with sharpie markers. One cut the others hair, they climbed into a drawer, stole the chocolate and ate it under the table, *silently* while I was shouting for them because I couldn’t find them.

    Now they are 10. So, this too shall pass, but it’s kind of bittersweet when it does.

  7. Haha love the toothpaste picture! And love the idea of “a year in skirts”. Awesome!

  8. Dayna

    Careful with toothpaste… it can be extremely toxic to little children.

  9. Yes, there are some children who are just a workout. If you are lucky to have had other children first and then other children later, you come to realize that it’s ALL THEM!!! Not you 😉

    And then you just say, “That child is a workout.” And laugh! Which I can tell you do 🙂

    • It is ALL THEM! They’re so different. My first is super sweet and compliant. If had had only one child I would honestly spend the rest of my life thinking that other people just don’t know how to handle their kids. Then I had Adam and ate a big fat piece of humble pie. He really kicked my butt at age two. Now Natalie kicks my butt but I guess I’m sort of used to it.

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