Day 77- How to teach your child to ride a bike

Ok. So I’ve watched his method with three kids now.

Here’s Frannie at age 5.

He pushed the age limit further with Adam at age 3.

And now here he is with Natalie at age 2 1/2.

Most of riding a bike is upper-body balance. So he buys the kids this strider bike (that has no pedals) and he sits them on this thing as soon as their little legs and butt can get on it. (For Natalie she was about age 2.) This looks like a 12 inch diameter wheel.

They sit on this thing and move themselves along, and before you know it, one day you’ll notice them coasting down the street with both legs bent behind them. Balance. The most important part of riding.

Once they’re whizzing up and down the street and coasting along, then Jason gets them on a standard bike with training wheels. Still a little bike with a 12 inch diameter wheel.

This is when they practice their pedaling.

Once they get good at pedaling and stopping, you pretty much have a kid who can ride a bike. He takes the training wheels off. They pedal. They balance. They ride.

I stay inside the house for those first “no training wheels” sessions. It freaks me out!!! So I just wait until one of the kids comes running inside telling me to come outside. If it were up to me, I’m sure they wouldn’t ride until age six. But they love to do it! Especially with their papa.

The biggest mistakes people make when teaching their kids is over-emphasis on the pedaling, and not enough on holding a strong upper-body frame. When kids get loosey-goosey in their frame, they fall. Make sure to get a bike that they can put their feet down.


I didn’t wear a skirt today. Lots of wrinkly laundry piled up and I just wasn’t up to digging through it. But this still represents good wardrobe effort for me given the nicer shirt and coordinating shoes.

I have dressy friends today though!

He he 🙂 All of us roasting together in 99 degree heat! Yay!

Have a wonderful day!


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  1. I thought you might appreciate this video I stumbled upon today. Mountain Biking – Three Year Old on A Strider Bike

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