Day 79- On Becoming a Bicycle Family

We used to be a dancing family. When Jason and I were dating we took dance lessons and used to go to events and competitions. We never got super good, but just by taking a few years of weekly lessons, we’re definitely better than most people (who never happen to learn).

But we’ve fallen out of the dancing thing for now (although I REALLY want the kids to learn when they get older), and it seems we’ve become more of a bicycle family.

So yesterday we were at a Cyclocross “SpookyCross” race event where Jason raced in the Beginning Men’s category.

Cyclocross is a mixture of road riding and terrain. For these events the racers have certain obstacles to go through like these barriers and sand pits that they have to carry their bikes through, or stairs to climb. So it’s a lot of on and off the bike throughout the race.

For pre and post racing times, mama is watching the kids in the playground. But there was nowhere to sit! So I took to the stroller.

At one point I did try the rock climbing wall. I was not very successful.

But Frannie was! (That surprised me.)

Have a wonderful day!


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