Day 82- Call to Action! Please consider writing to these companies

Hi Skirty Friends,

I am writing to ask that you consider sending two emails today.

The first is to Qubo channel which is a television station that my kids have watched. They promote themselves as being “safe” for children and feature many self-commercials with letters supposedly written by viewers lauding the channel for “not having anything inappropriate” and “reinforcing the values I’m trying to instill”.

Imagine my disgust when I noticed that every morning at 7:15am and 8 am they feature the Lifestyle Lift infomercial. If you aren’t familiar (I’m very sorry to be the one to make you familiar) it is a plastic surgery procedure for older women to “face lift” away their looser neckline. I find this totally offensive as a woman. It is NORMAL for women to have a looser jawline as they age and I hate that this will just become another “thing” for women to have major anxiety about.

The entire purpose of putting such a commercial on a 7:15 am when little children are watching cartoons is because these kids will watch this and go to their grandmas saying “You should get a Lifestyle Lift!!” Imagine the pain of that grandma. It causes these young children to “see” older women differently and puts a firm impression in their minds that there are “quick and easy fixes” like plastic surgery. I think it is so damaging that these kinds of commercials are even allowed on television at all.

So if you would please write to Qubo and also leave a message on their Facebook page expressing your displeasure at this commercial, perhaps we can make a difference here at getting this garbage off the air. And in the meantime, Qubo is yet another channel my kids can’t watch. 😦


The second Call to Action is to the Candies line of youth bras that is carried by Kohl’s. I was shopping yesterday and stopped by the girls section to see if they had anything for Frannie when I saw this hanging:

The manager has assured me that this was supposed to be displayed in the regular lingere section. Okaaaay. (Although when did it become so socially acceptable to hyper-sexualize our teens???)

But here’s what IS supposed to be in the girls section

This is the section of the store where I shop for my six year old. I don’t even want her to SEE this! I don’t want to put in her mind that as a little girl she’s supposed to even have breasts, not to mention have her future body sexualized. Breasts are a respected and sensitive part of the body, with a primary purpose for the feeding of babies. I understand that younger and younger girls need bras but why are these types of “sexy” bras even available for 8 year olds? My son is too young to take this into his consciousness, but what about when he gets a little older? I don’t want him to “see” his little 8 year old friends’ bodies differently, sexualizing his mind toward them at a super-young age. How can I in good conscience parade my daughter through this store even looking for shirts when this is what is right in her section??  I can’t. I won’t. When the display is in HER section, it communicates that this is acceptable for girls her age. So I abandoned my cart of selected merchandise, spoke to the manager and got the phone number for the District Manager. If the moms of the world don’t speak up WHO WILL?

Interestingly, the bras that I think are more appropriate were on the back of this display. Although I find it distressing that too many of them appear to be push up :/

If this is something you feel is inappropriate would you consider taking a few minutes to let this company know? Here is the Kohl’s email, [Edit: I don’t think this email link is going to work for this complaint. I’ll update with better contact info once I find out] But here is their Facebook page.  The Candies line is held nationwide at Kohl’s so this isn’t specific to my area.

It would also be quite easy to simply “Like” what I have already written to both companies on Facebook and write a comment of your own.

Thank you. It is annoying to speak up. It feels like a hassel. But more and more I’m learning that it is just a burden that we can’t be afraid to carry.

As usual I do hope you have a wonderful day!



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14 responses to “Day 82- Call to Action! Please consider writing to these companies

  1. Leah

    Thank you for speaking up. All Christian women ought to be appalled at the clothes that stores carry for our girls. My daughter is 6, and it is becoming harder and harder to find anything tasteful for her to wear. I don’t want her to look like a mini teenager! (Especially that many teenage girls don’t wear modest clothes as it is.) I have decided that I will make clothes for her before I would buy her something that is inappropriate for her to wear. If more of us would make the decision that you made, we would see a blessed change.

  2. Dwayne

    I have never been a big Kohl’s fan(the store has never appealed to me), but after what I saw, I’ll make sure I NEVER go into Kohl’s.

  3. The squeeky wheel gets the grease! Way to speak up for your daughter and all the other little girls!

  4. I just read a super interesting and related article in the September 26th issue of Christian Science Monitor. Check it out if you can get your hands on a copy (I read mine at the library, but it might be online). The cover says “Taking Back Girlhood.”

  5. Looks like an epidemic. I’m waging a mini-war with the public library over an image in the lobby. I think it’s actually been removed, but my piece should be in the local newspaper tomorrow. May I confess to being nervous? This is a tiny community and rocking the boat can be dangerous! The irreperable harm done to our children, though, is much worse, and it’s worth fighting over.

    • Yes I understand how it can make you feel nervous. Like the whole “blade of grass” theory. (The tallest blade of grass gets cut off) It has a way of making us feel exposed. I also feel like the other side has done a good job at “shutting up” the folks who want to keep some standards by either accusing them of being judgemental, a prude, or by admonishing them to “just turn off the channel then!” You can only look the other way so much before you start to say “Hey! I don’t want this in my environment!”

  6. Shannon

    Well you KNOW I’m with you on these issues! Way to use your voice and encourage others to do the same. Speaking up DOES change things, even if it’s one small thing at a time.

  7. we are not in the bra market yet but my neice is. most of the girls her age wear tank tops with the bra staps showing ~ the moms are purchasing colorful ones for this reason. my sister is appalled! a few weeks ago their family was at a soccer game and my niece started noticing how some of the girls were dressed. later my sister had a conversation with her and she actually understood how she would be perceived if she were to look the way her peers looked. glad she is open to being more modest with her apperance. my girls look up to her and she is setting a good example for them. from what other parents tell me it is hard to find a plain white / neutral bra for a young girl.

  8. I just came across your blog today and I have to say I am loving it.
    I have been on a tangent for awhile about bra’s and panties for girls. I find it revolting. My oldest daughter is only 6 now and I fear for the day that I have to buy a bra for her. I am confused on why kids need to have padding and push-ups and demi and thongs and all of that other junk it makes NO SENSE to me. What happened to plain ol bra’s and brief for our girls. How about a little modesty for them? Lets let our girls be little girls for as long as they can be. Honestly nobody needs to know what they are wearing under their clothes so lets keep it that way. It just makes me sick and I for 1 will not stand for it. My little girls will continue to wear Curious George on her brief panties for a LONG time.
    Way to go on taking a stand…

  9. jen

    Hi there! I just stumbled across your blog and was enjoying looking around and am enjoying it quite a bit. I saw the post about Kohls and know just how you feel! I know I am way late in replying, but wanted you to know this is/was exactly my reaction when shopping with my just-turned 5 year old daughter. We haven’t been back there in over 2 years….

    Cheers to you! I think we have at least 2 of the same jeans skirts and I continue to ‘eye’ the shoes you featured in a post or two. Great minds think alike style wise 🙂

  10. Anabelle

    Great to see you making a complaint! I totally agree that our girls are not only being encouraged to grow up way too early, but also in a hyper-sexualised way. I think that many of my friends and acquaintances are so immersed in mainstream culture that they only notice this trend when it is *cough* rather forcefully pointed out by me.

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