Day 83- A look at some others!

I wore a skirt today! I did! But I also went to bed at 7pm because I wasn’t feeling well. I didn’t take a picture of myself today either because before I knew it I was done for the day. I’m back up again and it’s almost 12pm, but I’ll be going back to bed soon.

So for today’s post I thought I’d point you to some others!

Maria is chronicling her skirty outfits too! I love what she has to say and I think she looks great.

Nina is exploding in popularity. She’s not a strictly skirts mom, but she’s a larger lady who knows she looks good!

I was reintroduced to this parable Mermaid vs Whale this week and it always brings a smile to my face. Read it!

It got me thinking that too many of our media outlets only feature pieced-together “Mermaid” versions of beauty that they contrive via…oh you know what they do, do we really need to say it?  (Health products and magazines irk me the most. They aren’t about health. They promote an uber-processed health “look”.) The more we turn away from Mermaid beauty the better, I say. Mermaids are fantasies and holding on to that fantasy (possibly believing it is real) and applying it to ourselves causes a lot of inner damage! Perhaps I’m wrong in this, but I have particular concern that Caucasian girls are at the most risk. Because white (particularly blonde) women are used most in media advertisements and thus are shown altered the most, girls grow up thinking that the altered version is in fact normal and have great stress when their growing body does not fit what they keep seeing over and over. The thicker girls worry they are too fat. The thinner girls worry they are too flat (chested). As a mom of a brownie girl, I am aware of how media represents brown-ness and how it is rare that a brown girl is cast as “the pretty girl” or even the main girl in any show, book or movie. (It bothers me that she used to always color people brown, and now she colors them with peach skin and yellow hair. I’m sure because she’s seen that color combination so so many times in illustrations of all kinds.) I also see how the over-use and thus exploitation of white girls/women is damaging too. They may be able to see themselves reflected in some character as “the pretty one” or “smart one” but they also see themselves too often hyper-sexualized and physically changed.

Blogs can change that! Yes I believe it is so! I encourage you as you post pictures of your children, to throw a nice pic of your whole self there too once in awhile. The more images of real women that are out there can counter-balance the countless altered “Mermaids”. It can also show beauty of different ages, shapes, sizes and colors! I’m a big believer in Knowledge and Appreciation of Normal.

Have a wonderful day!



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6 responses to “Day 83- A look at some others!

  1. Shannon

    Amen and Amen, Jamie!!! Let’s get back to what is REAL!

  2. I really appreciate how you have given balance to both sides. Women of color or fuller figures do get a bad representation, but women such as myself who are thinner and taller than average often are placed under pressure too. The tricky part is your challenge to get pictures of ourselves out there. I don’t have any pictures of myself because I’m behind the camera!

  3. As a Latin woman, I have always looked at myself differently. As I grew older, here in this country, I have come to appreciate all kinds of color 🙂

    Coming from a marketing stand-point, ‘white women with blond hair’ tends to make people feel better about the product, so I know the stereo types.

    I live in a very small town, where I stand out because of my coloring and ethnicity, it has been a very interesting journey to live here. Now they know me…but before, boy, I was surely a surprise 🙂

    Thank you so much for mentioning me on your blog. I am so excited to see your outfits. They are very inspiring and encouraging.



  4. jen

    total pear as well. 🙂 i love my loooooong skirts even if they make me look like a hippie.

  5. Anabelle

    Have you ever asked her why she doesn’t draw people brown anymore? I wonder what she thinks as she colours people differently from her own skin colour. It could be an interesting moment to get inside her head and discover how much covert racism/social race preference she has absorbed.

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