Day 84- Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

Let’s play, “See if you can find the hidden baby.”

Did you find him? Camouflage!

My days always go better when friends come over. And that makes me {Happy}!

Now let’s play “Find the little critter who wanted to join the party.”

Ah ha! There you are! Had to be quick and catch this little guy in a cup. I just can’t hold wiggly things like this in my bare hands. Willies! {Real}

{Funny} Jason draws a new silly picture on Frannie’s lunch bag every day.


And lastly, here I am with the girls. They like to get in on picture time. I need some more pictures of Adam on here! Poor guy is getting left out.

Little Nattie put those Thomas the Tank Engine jammie pants on All By Herself. Big girl!

Have a wonderful day!

Linked to Like Mother, Like Daughter.



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5 responses to “Day 84- Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

  1. I can’t find the baby, I LOVE the lizard (want!) and the pants all by herself are AWESOME.

  2. Also, I forgot, I would love a lunchbag like that. It would make me smile all day.

  3. We have those little lizards all over the outside of our house all summer long, thankfully our cats keep them mostly out of the house. At least I rarely find them, and when I do it is close to the door and already has a cat stalking it.
    they give me the wilies too:D

  4. Great lunchbag artwork, and so generously done! Cute lizard.

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