Days 84-87- Circle of Life

Lots has been going on in my neck of the woods.

I went to a wedding! This is Melinda from Wholesome Womanhood. (Doesn’t she look so beautiful in that dress?) I met her sister Carrie a few years ago when she took Bradley classes with me. Then Melinda and I met! I’m a gal who always has an opinion about something and I’m a problem-solver by nature, so when she was frustrated about being ready for marriage but not meeting anyone I sent her some links for Christian online dating sites. (Because that’s what I do. I’m a link-sender.) Well, don’t you know that the internet is a beautiful thing? Why yes it is. Here’s her man Jason and they met on Christian Mingle earlier this year. (I know that if I was at a certain age and wasn’t meeting the right potential people I would TOTALLY do the same thing! Not everyone meets their future spouse while working together at Carl’s Jr. after all.) I’m so delighted for them and I think they make such a handsome couple.

Their wedding is only the SECOND religious wedding I’ve ever been to. Hard to believe I know. I have been to very few weddings because I lost touch with high school friends and all of the friends I made in my later college and after-college years were already married with kids. So I sort of skipped the whole life transition of being invited to friends weddings and baby showers and such. The few weddings I have been to have been very secular with nice garden locations (even a car museum) but the focus isn’t on God. This was! And it was lovely! Jason and Melinda I know it is your desire to show others Christ’s love through your marriage and I want you to know that Jason and I both felt ministered to being in the presence of your lovely heartfelt wedding. Thank you for having us!

I forgot to take a pic on Sunday! Where’s my brain? This was from today. But here’s the thing, there has been tragedy in my church family because one of our members was 8 months pregnant and her baby was born with severe cerebral palsy. She’s been alive for two weeks but I found out after Melinda’s wedding that the baby passed away. I am coordinating meal delivery for the family with the church members and then a few hours after church I was called to be with one of my Bradley couples as they transferred out of the birth center to the hospital for a labor that didn’t progress. I was with her for part of the night and it was a loooooong (the longest I’ve ever been a part of) 72 hour labor for her. I was only there for about 8 hours of it to help her settle in and help the family as they got comfortable with the new staff and such. Praise GOD she was able to deliver that baby!!  I may be able to post a pic or two tomorrow since I’m going back to the hospital to see them. But I’m very careful about the pics I post because I don’t want to breach anyone’s privacy.

Tomorrow is the funeral for my church friend’s baby.

A wedding. A funeral.

A birth. A death.

These past four days have been an emotional circle of life. Praise God that He’s with us through all of these moments.



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5 responses to “Days 84-87- Circle of Life

  1. jen

    when jon was on internship, we had a month where there were four funerals and a wedding. oh… and vbs in the midst of it. vbs was probably what kept his supervisor sane — he’d be with the family of the deceased and then come to vbs and do silly stuff with the kids.

    my problem is that i was the first to marry and then lived across the country from all my friends who were getting married! i’m finally back in california and could actually schedule get-togethers with people. the funny thing is that a few of my friends also married pastors and are pastors’ wives but have a completely different life than i do.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your friends’ baby.

  3. Sad. Lord have mercy. I’ll be praying for your friends.

  4. shwell

    I have seen your blog listed at LMLD but never visited until today, LOVE IT!! i want to wear more skirts, but i don’t have any for the winter – I must try Thrift Stores.
    I am inspired to respond by the story of your Church Friend whose child died.
    Having been in a similar but not identical situation once, I can highly recommend this book.
    Help, Comfort, And Hope After Losing Your Baby In Pregnancy Or The First Year
    by Hannah Lothrop (available on Amazon)
    If you can find or buy a copy for your friend I think she would appreciate it. The hard truth is that unless you have been in that situation you will not ever fullly understand what she is going through. But meals and love and just listening and talking about her child to her will help a lot.
    The thing that helped me the most was a friend who asked me to join her swimming – several months later. The exercise and the strong silent love from that friend really helped me move on with my life, God is my witness that I could have stayed stuck in that tradgedy for a very long time without the love of that friend.
    I will keep her and her family in my prayers.

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