Day 89- 8:30am/8:30pm

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It ain’t pretty


Someone isn’t a morning person… It’s terrible! I actually drove my daughter to school looking this way (hence why I’m wearing my husband’s big sweater). Fuzzy slippers and all.


I just got home from a quickie shopping trip to Trader Joes.

Should I make some sort of October Resolution? The “I will wake up before the family darnit!” resolution? I’m the last one up. Jason gets up first at 6am. Then it’s Adam, then Frannie, Natalie, then their dear ol’ mother rolls herself out at 7am when Jason leaves for work. I should be that mom that is up first! That’s the right way! 5:30am. Get up. Get a little walk/run workout in. Start the day off right. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, right?

Or should I say, well Jamie, we can’t all be perfect. You’re a good mom. A good enough housekeeper. A good enough cook. A nice friend. A nice wife. Must you also be a morning person? You will likely fail at your mission to wake up at 5:30am. Why not just be content to roll out at 7am?

Thoughts? Are you a morning person? Are you up before your family?



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11 responses to “Day 89- 8:30am/8:30pm

  1. I have had to learn to be a morning person. Even so, I am only up about 15 minutes before my son gets up and I need to start breakfast, etc. I think if you really, really, really, want to get up at 5:30 – really- you should do so very, very, very, gradually. Like 15 minutes at a time. Go from 7 to 6:45 for a month (or two) then gradually ease into getting up at 6:30, etc.
    (I’m visiting from the LMLD link-up.)

  2. Michelle

    I too aspire to be a morning person. My dream is just like yours……wake up early, workout, shower/dress, kids get up, I make a fabulous warm breakfast for them, they get ready, and off to school they go. The reality is……I was last up and I drove them to school in my pj bottoms, sweatshirt and slippers. I at least did put my contacts in first. I have some pride.

  3. Michelle

    Oops! I just glanced at your picture and saw you had your glasses on. My pride comment (feable joke) was about me and my glasses. Mine are cheap and ugly and I look like a goof in them. I wanted to clarify because I didn’t want anyone to think I was refering to you and your glasses.

    • Oh no worries, seriously! For me putting my contacts in is like “starting” my day. If I wear my glasses all day I feel like I never really got up. I put my glasses back on in the evening. It’s sort of an “evening time” signal for me.
      My husband has always worn glasses, and I think he looks very cute in them.

  4. I am NOT a morning person. My mom is not a morning person either. I remember on Saturdays when we were kids, we always got up and watched cartoons and got ourselves our own cereal and let her sleep till about 9:30. Now that I’m an adult, I know she had to appreciate those mornings to sleep in so much!

    The only times in my life when I have been a morning person were when I was a camp counselor one summer and I had no choice but to get up by 7 every morning, and when I was running on a regular basis while we lived in San Diego and got up at 6 so I could avoid the heat later in the day. That was also during a deployment of Troy’s, so I was going to bed about 8pm because he would typically email me around 4am my time, and I wanted the time till he emailed me again to go faster. 🙂

    At all other times in my life, I’ve been a night owl in a major way. I’ve mostly embraced that, although now that I have two kids who are morning people I either go to bed earlier than I really want to, or take naps with the baby. I guess my personal philosophy is that as long as I’m enjoying spending time with my kids (because when I’m overtired they bug the heck out of me, and I know I am not getting enough sleep) and they are healthy and happy most of the time, then I’m doing just fine.

  5. I am not a morning person, but I feel the same guilt you feel about not getting up first. I do drag myself out of bed and tend to the kids while my husband gets ready for work and I also make coffee and lunch for him to take to work, but it takes real effort on my part. For me, if I get up and shower right away then my day kicks off to a good start. Otherwise I wander around making breakfast, having a third cup of coffee, checking my email and so on and on in my robe and nightgown.

  6. Bethanne

    I am surprised you don’t think you can do this. It seems to me that committing to wearing skirts every day for a year (and you’re on day 89!) would give you all kinds of courage to commit to anything you set your mind to do! I vote for getting up 🙂

  7. I am not a morning person. On school days I drag myself out of bed at 7, attempt to be downstairs to get my kids up at 7:15 and start the coffee. We leave at 7:55, so I am certainly not giving myself much time!

  8. Mama Benedikt

    I so enjoy the early morning hours! That said, only if it is quiet, just the sounds of life outside, no one else is awake or they themselves are silent. This is the time I spend saturated in the presence of God. Of course, I am in His presence the rest of The day but this time is when I can focus on it better. Now, this is a fantasy for me at this time. When I was single, my fantasy was possible. We have an almost 9 month old. Maybe someday I will sleep well enough to rise earlier than the rest of the family.

  9. Anabelle

    Getting up early is good. But it depends on going to bed early and that I cant do.

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