Day 90- Halloween Party Time!

I got lots of compliments on this dress 🙂

I love Halloween! It’s such a super-fun holiday and I like that there are no participation requirements. You can go as big or as little with it as you want.

When I was a kid I loved dressing up, carving our pumpkin, and trick-or-treating. When I got older I loved going to Universal Studios and getting super scared! It was pretty thrilling! (I actually think it is a healthy thing to face fears on a superficial “pretend” level.)

Now that I have children of my own I want them to have fun Halloween memories. Unfortunately in my neighborhood the trick-or-treating is almost non-existent. Most families go to the older neighborhoods with the big super-decorated houses for their trick-or-treating so it means that around here we can knock on six doors before we get someone to open. Ho hum. No fun. So I decided to throw a Halloween party this year for our friends.

Sorry, for privacy purposes I can’t post many pictures! But here’s a safe one of the kids crafting at our dining room table.

We had a jumper of course. I never throw a party without a jumper because I want all of that “running around” kid energy outside of the house!

Because of All Saints Day on Nov 1, Halloween is when all the spirits and ghouls come out and you dress like them and play like them so that they pass you by. Almost like, “I’m not afraid of you! Ha!” So I’ve never had any sort of personal conflict over the holiday.

Have a wonderful day!



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7 responses to “Day 90- Halloween Party Time!

  1. I love the glittery spider cards. Those are great!

    My husband says, “as Christians, Hallowe’en is the day we mock death. What can be better than that?” So we celebrate the opportunity to thumb our noses at death one more time. 🙂

  2. Mama Benedikt

    Great idea! Also, the dress does look lovely on you! Happy Halloween and Blessed All Saints Day.

  3. What is at Universal Studios?

    • Universal Studios in Hollywood has lots of movie sets and attractions. Some are tours through old sets like Jaws and others are in current use (like the Desperate Housewives set.) Around Halloween they put all their “movie magic” into creating a scary Halloween experience. Lots of monsters all over the place, mazes, and shows.

  4. LOVE YOUR OUTFIT!!! Totally missed you all Sat. A lesson for Hannah and I both on having integrity and honoring our commitments…Lord have mercy. Throw a party next year, yeah? 😉

  5. Anabelle

    What is a jumper? I immediately thought of a jersey and then a kangaroo. And then one of those little jolly jumpers suspended from the ceiling that you put babies in to jump around while you cook dinner. Do you mean a trampoline or maybe a bouncy castle?
    I love it that English English and American English can be so different!

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