Day 93- Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real (Halloween edition)

Mama likes fun party hair!

Adam wanted to be a spider for Halloween. I convinced him to be Spiderman because I didn’t know how to do a spider costume. He didn’t like the Spiderman costume with muscles, so I convinced him to just get some Spiderman zip-up pajamas. When he put them on his sister said “That’s not a costume! Those are PaJAmas!” (Thanks kid.) So he didn’t want to wear the Spiderman pajamas. Hence, I put him in other pajamas and wrapped him in toilet paper, dusted on some baby powder, applied some brown eyeliner to his lips and Viola! A mummy. He really liked this costume. That is until every kid he saw said “Why are you wearing Tooooilet Paper!?” (Does anyone have creativity anymore? SHEESH!) So then he was sulking about his new costume the rest of the night.

As for Frannie, once in awhile it pays to not get rid of stuff. That sparkly tutu number she’s wearing was an old dance costume of mine. Now she makes an excellent witch!

Princess Minnie Mouse was a last minute costume dig through the dress ups. I saw the ears. Check. Found the dress. Check. A bit of brown eyeliner to the nose and cheeks and now someone’s an adorable princess Mouse.

I took the kids over to Natasha’s neighborhood for trick-or-treating. There is better action over there and I knew the kids would have more fun being all together. (See how Adam is sulking? lol poor kid.)

Here’s today’s skirt.

Have a wonderful day!

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6 responses to “Day 93- Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real (Halloween edition)

  1. Thanks for sharing your week! So sorry to hear about the pj/tp debacle đŸ˜‰ It happens with growing frequency though, so find some mom armour…. Love your skirt- looks perfect for fall. Have a great week!

  2. I actually like the mummy costume a lot! Way to think on your feet!

  3. Bethanne

    I know just what you mean about creativity. It is frustrating when kids make comments. He looks great as a mummy, but a sulky mummy is no fun. You’ll have to tell him all the blog women think he looked fantastic!

  4. MCH

    What great “last-minute” costumes…they look anything but!

  5. You were very creative with your kids’ costumes! I think the mummy is especially great!

  6. I like how you think about costumes! What a shame that other kids have less creativity. Back in the day, everyone dug through the house for costumes.

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