Day 94- A rainy day outfit

When I took this picture it was pretty sunny outside, but mostly it was raining all day. To wear a skirt in the rain, buy some thick tights and comfortable boots. I only needed to be outside for short spurts (ex. going from the house to the car, from the car to the library, etc…) but if I needed to be outside in the actual weather more, I would need a long skirt. See what you can find out there in thrift store land. The jacket and boots were found there.

An update on Fascinating Womanhood. I have been trying some of the book’s suggestions and guess who brought me home cookies from work yesterday. Is it a coincidence?? Hmmmm….To get the online book, visit here.

On another note, you just HAVE to see this video! It will make your day, promise 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

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5 responses to “Day 94- A rainy day outfit

  1. That video is so touching. The News tends to be so negative….why can’t we just focus on bright shining moments like this?! The world would be a better place for it, if you ask me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mama Benedikt

    May God reward you for the uplifting video segment!

  3. Michelle

    Love the video segment….it brought a tear to my eye. =)
    I just wanted to say though that for the past week I have been thinking at odd moments of the day that I could of swore I read somewhere how someone wrote about popping popcorn on the stove and how easy it was. I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember where exactly I read that though. So tonight as all the kids are in bed and the house is quiet, I sat at the computer to search. I finally decided it had to be your blog and started to search back through your posts. And….I found it. =) So I have now copied it down and plan on making popcorn tomorrow for the kids. THanks! I really enjoy your blog. =)

  4. Amy

    At your suggestion, I read Fascinating Womanhood in three sittings looking for a laugh…. and came away deeply moved. Although I disagree with some particulars, I found that I overwhelmingly agree with the principle parts- to accept your husband as he is, to let your words to your husband be full of admiration and thanksgiving instead of complaint and grief, to comfort and support his work, and to follow his lead.

    Against it, I wondered at the Male Ego as described… not very flattering to men, it doesn’t fit with my husband as I know him. I also wondered at the sharp division of labor as described in the book- I agree that man generally provides and woman nurtures, but I find that the “office job 9-5” idealized in the book is highly unnatural (although common). Genesis says that Eve was created to help Adam in the garden- surely she helped him with his Manly work? Lastly, to practice deception to save the pride of another seems strange advise. “Love is gentle, kind, not boastful… love rejoices in the truth… ” While It might be prudent to hide your ‘masculine virtues’ like prowess at Math or Mechanical skill to save a troubled marriage, it seems to me that a loving husband could rejoice in the virtues of his wife without being threatened. It also seems that it would be better to practice discretion rather than deception. My husband would probably get confused if I just refused to talk philosophy, or softened my argument for truth. He would wonder where that nice girl he married went to…

    In one line, the woman can make the home a well of peace or a flame of hatred through her words and her actions. Choose them with love, not pride.

    (Thank you for letting me rant)

    • Very good point about Eve working alongside Adam. This is true. Like most things, we can read it and take the advice and other things (like women should not drive a van) just leave aside. I did a skim-through and have only really read up to chapter four, but my friend keeps calling me and sharing tid-bits that she thinks are silly 🙂

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