Day 95- Off to a baby shower (my best outfit so far)

Before I started this project, a dress was only a costume. It was a garment for weddings or baby showers and I always felt a certain nervousness about it. I wore dresses and skirts so infrequently that I barely knew what I even owned and it required a sift through “that” part of the closet where my letterman jacket and old Carl’s Jr. uniform reside. (I suspect this is how many men today feel when called to wear a tie. They know they own one, but they have to dig for it, they are uncomfortable tying it, and they aren’t really sure what sort of shirt matches.)

This project has changed all that for me.

Today, when I went to my closet to find something to wear, not only has my entire closet been opened up to all possibilities but I already own the right undergarments and accessories to make putting together outfits a pleasant experience. How many of us have tossed a dress or skirt onto the bed in frustration because we didn’t have the right pantyhose that match, or a slip, or the right pair of shoes? When women like me are only used to pants, dresses become stressful because we aren’t prepared with those extras!

Today when I went to my cousin’s baby shower, this dress wasn’t a costume. I didn’t feel ANY of the weirdness like I used to when I first started wearing dresses three months ago.

I felt truly beautiful today. This is what I started this project for in the first place! Yay to feeling lovely!

I did my hair a little differently.

I had my sweet big kid with me who doesn’t know any different than to just be her girly self (that scarf accessory was all her idea). I don’t care if she goes through a tomboy phase. The tomboy look can be cute too (obviously my own husband likes that look since that’s how I’ve been for the past 16 years.) All I know is that whatever force caused me to feel so uncomfortable in feminine dress, well…maybe I hope that force doesn’t get a full hold on her.

Have a wonderful day!



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8 responses to “Day 95- Off to a baby shower (my best outfit so far)

  1. OMG!! That is your best outfit yet! So adorable and your hair was so fun. Good job my dear friend!

  2. Carrie

    My name’s Carrie and I found your blog from Like Mother, Like Daughter.
    I’ve been checking in on you for a few weeks and I love seeing your cute real-life outfits!
    I was wondering what new basics have you found that make dressing in skirts easier to do everyday…
    Thanks! (And adorable outfit today, by the way!)

  3. Hi. I found your site through LMLD. I love this outfit, you look absolutely beautiful. I feel like we have a lot in common (dresswise), not only was I a jeans wearing girl for almost 20 years, but I also went through a similar forced skirt wearing time after my second was born and yes, it does make you feel so much more comfortable in skirts and dresses! And, makes you feel more feminine.

    I’m excited to keep tabs on your experiment.

  4. ooh, how’d you get your hair like that? I so need to get more adventurous with my hair!

    Btw, I’ve been following your blog for several weeks now and I’m really having fun watching this whole journey of yours. I used to HATE skirts and was so uncomfortable in them as a teen and in college started wearing them occasionally. Now I wear them at least half the time, I adore my skirts and I have a million of them, lol!

    I had kind of a crazy idea…maybe you should consider doing a skirt-wearing blog hop each week? You know, where everyone can post a pic of their own skirt-wearing adventures and link up to your blog through one of those Mr Linky thingies (yes I’m sure that’s the technical term for it, lol!) I know I’d totally be up for it if you did, I’d love to get skirt-wearing ideas from other regular women and moms just trying to look more feminine and put together.

  5. Love this post and love your outfit. I’m working on being more comfortable in skirts, myself, and, skipping around on your blog, I appreciate and enjoy what you’ve said so far. Plus I love seeing how you match up skirts and shirts. I love dress and skirt shopping, but then I hardly wear them. Time to remedy that. 🙂

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