Day 96- How to begin building your wardrobe

Ok so I really liked this outfit. And now as I’m posting this all I can look at is my hair! Note to self: Please curl the ends of your hair! Or just pull it back for heaven’s sake! Gah.

A reader Carrie asked this question yesterday, “I was wondering what new basics have you found that make dressing in skirts easier to do everyday…”

Thanks for the question! I am learning day by day but here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

1. Figure out your season.

2. Determine what your best solid neutral is. (For me it’s dark brown. For others it’s black. Others grey. Others white/tan)

3. You will need shoes in this solid neutral. Sandals. Flats. Boots. (You aren’t going to be able to pull off wearing skirts if you don’t have shoes that go well with your skirts.) (Note: If you want to see examples of the shoes, you can see them in the links I posted below.)

4. You need sweaters in this solid neutral. What I have so far is: 1 cropped cardigan (like you can see in yesterday’s post), 2 medium weight sweaters (you can see these in day 88 and day 82), a thicker sweater (like in day 72). I also have a warm jacket in a camel brown that matches everything (which you can see pictured in day 69).

With shoes and a coordinating sweater, you can pull off wearing skirts just the same way you wear pants. Wear your same ol’ shirts. Find any skirts you like either denim, solid or print.

The next most important pieces are your undergarments.

1. You need a 1/2 slip. (Note: I don’t always wear a slip. But you do need to have one for certain items.)

2. For shorter skirts you sometimes need some mid-thigh leggings like this. I should probably buy the ones I found online just now, because so far all I have is the shapewear stuff that I HATE because it makes me feel so squished.

3. You need some regular leggings. Get both a thinner and thicker material. Just start with your basic neutral for now.

4. For the colder weather I got a pair of thick tights and I like them a lot. You can see them in day 94.

5. I think every woman should have a stretch camisole in white, black, and dark brown. How often is a dress cut just a bit too low? How often is the material slightly too see-through? How often do you find yourself in a shirt that totally falls open in the front any time you bend over? It’s just one of those things that happens pretty frequently I think! And if you don’t have a few good camisoles, it means that a perfectly good shirt or dress has to go back on the hanger.

Those are the basics. Once you have that, you can wear skirts and dresses easily. From there I’d recommend you start honing your eye for a few pairs of earrings that match everything and a necklace or two. Those touches make a big difference!

Have a wonderful day!



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2 responses to “Day 96- How to begin building your wardrobe

  1. I have enjoyed reading about your journey. It is not easy to make the transition to skirts especially when you live in the mountains and it is quite cold out there – brrr!

    But like you, I also own thick tights and I will be knitting leg warmers to keep my legs extra warms when I go out to run errands.

    Thank you for being an inspiration to many…it is not a fashion show, but instead, it is an encouragement to so many that go out not looking our best.



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